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    Rapid Norwood Progression In Female

    Yep. Been on a high dose since April 2018. Zero results sadly. Same with minoxidil.
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    Rapid Norwood Progression In Female

    I unfortunately have Androgenetic Alopecia. :( my hair is way worse than when I last posted here. My hair is shot. I lost not only my temples completely, but my sides, sideburns, nape, and the hairline across my forehead and my top is becoming all see through and thinned. My hair loss was fast and aggressive and...
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    Rapid Hair Loss And Balding In Norwood Pattern

    I wish mine was just thinning like the girl in this video, instead mine is literally balding like man’s pattern! My hair has gotten WAY worse since I posted this and nothing works to stop it. Instead of a “V” shape recession I now have a C shape! My sides are so receded along with my temples and...
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    Hair Cloning And Transplanting Hair From Another Person

    The gravity/galea theory doesn't really work in my case as I have thinning, balding, and vellus hairs all over my scalp, not just on top, but in front of my ears at the sideburn area, the nape, the entire sides, front and top, literally everywhere. :(
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    Has Anyone Gone To Therapy Over Their Hair Loss?

    I've gone to therapy on and off for most of my 20's and all it ever did for me was eat up my money. If you think it can be helpful for you, then you should try it, but in my experience if you are even remotely intelligent and doesn't do much other than provide a safe place to...
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    Vitamin D Deficiency? Can I Reverse This By Increasing Vitamin D Intake?

    I have a vitamin D deficiency, it is mild though. I supplement and my hair has only declined. My hair loss is much worse than your posted photos, though.
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    Real Talk: I Think Half The People Here Have Severe Telogen Effluvium, And The Other Half Bdd

    I have CTE and Androgenetic Alopecia in a diffuse and Norwood pattern. My CTE definitely sped up my Androgenetic Alopecia, even unmasked it leading to an earlier age of onset. My massive acute Telogen Effluvium shed stopped a year ago, I was losing 400 hairs a day from March 2018-August 2018, then it stopped totally, but not much grew back and...
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    Women Who Have Totally Bald Fathers. What's Going On With Your Head

    Would you recommend oral minoxidil? Should I start it?
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    Hair Cloning And Transplanting Hair From Another Person

    Why can't we clone DHT resistant hair? Or in my case (diffuse plus Norwood loss with no DHT resistant donor zone) why can't we transplant from another individual unafflicted by Androgenetic Alopecia? We transplant hearts and lungs and recipients are given anti-rejection medications. Why isn't this offered to hair...
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    Can male pattern baldness Be Triggered By Outside Factors Or Is It Purely Genetic?

    I think it is a mixture of both environmental, health, and genetics. In my case I clearly had the genetic predisposition for Androgenetic Alopecia, but other health issues and a stressful life combined with mental health issues and excess cortisol caused an aggressive early onset. I'm a female and literally went...
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    Very Rapid Miniaturization And Hair Shed

    I have this, that's how and why my hair is balding so fast and aggressively. No answers as to why my miniaturization process is so short, but I can keep tabs on it easily because I have bangs and can clearly see I lose full length bang hairs that are thick and long, yet they only grow back...
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    Women Who Have Totally Bald Fathers. What's Going On With Your Head

    Yep. Sounds like the same pattern. I haven’t tried meds to lower prolactin despite having on and off elevated levels, but no endo offered them after my clear MRI. Same goes for cortisol, but no doctor will give you keto or korlym unless you have a tumor. I have a prescription for oral minoxidil...
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    Women Who Have Totally Bald Fathers. What's Going On With Your Head

    I’m a female and am balding in a Norwood plus diffuse pattern. I have balding receded temples and also lost my temple points. My hair is diffusely thinned all over too. My top was intact which is the exact opposite of Lugwig pattern, but now that appears to be thinning too. I’m only 31 and I...
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    Rapid Norwood Progression In Female

    What doctor prescribes you your hairs loss meds?
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    Rapid Norwood Progression In Female

    I'm really sorry your hair loss is so severe at only 19! Do you have a family history of premature hair loss?