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  • i don't want to lower my testosterone, just my dht. i'm debating vitex or topical finasteride. my progesterone estrogen ratio is totally off too. hope to hear from you. i'm ecstatic i found someone similar to me lol.
    sorry..i have to post this in chunks. it won't let me write much.

    i order my own labs also! we have a lot in common. i have insulin resistance but i didn't find out until it was too late.
    Hi, I'm a 35 yo female with a norwood pattern hairloss...worse than yours. did you ever figure anything out? my testosterone is normal, my dht is 13 and my free testosterone is .2! I also have Telogen Effluvium. i ran a 23andme report through promethease and i DO have some Androgenetic Alopecia looking snps. my scalp itches if i don't keep it very dry.
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