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    Is ForHair in Korea worth it? For asian like me?

    He didn't need a hair transplant, he needs psychological counseling. 2% hair loss and you want a hair transplant? Any clinic that would operate on you at this stage are (in my opinion) probably crooks.
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    Elon Musk quality transplant

    Hi-res photo here (warning, large) where he doesn't have the benefit of distance (like the first pic in this thread): I don't see the point of comparing your hair to somebody with a hair and makeup team, unless you have one too. Who in the world knows what's going on there... He's got the...
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    My hair transplant with DHI Global - 6 months ago

    I don't want to be a jerk, but the hairline doesn't look refined to me, and I seriously have to question the judgement of the people who are saying "wow". Look again. The hairline looks grafty. I would call these results average. Of course, the main thing is that the patient is happy, so...
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    Stem Cell Treatment

    It's not that nobody is interested, it's that there isn't a legitimate treatment like this available. Anybody who promises "donor regeneration" is exaggerating at best, and at worst it's just a marketing angle to convince you to get an ordinary hair transplant. You answered your own question -...
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    Elon Musk quality transplant

    I wouldn't assume it's a transplant. It could be a hairpiece. If it is a transplant, he was a good candidate - his hair loss is limited to the front hairline only. He still had lots of hair mid-scalp and beyond. Being a good candidate is as important as anything else - it may even be more...
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    1322 Total: ARTAS (mostly) + Manual FUE (Dr. Yates, Chicago)

    Really sorry that you had a bad experience. IMO choosing the ARTAS robot is stupid - any advantage it could provide is only for the doctor (it potentially makes the surgery easier for the doctor - but it doesn't make the patient's results any better). Maybe someday they can perfect it, but in...
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    New here and looking for advice/recommendations please

    Hair transplants don't prevent your hair loss from progressing. You need to try to stop the progression if possible (that would mean Finasteride probably, as a good first step). There simply isn't enough donor hair to just replace everything with hair transplants, for most guys not even close...
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    Finasteride to PREVENT the shock loss? How does it work?

    Baldness occurs because the hair follicles shrink. In the beginning, the shrinkage is imperceptible. As it continues, the hairs get wispy and thin, and cover less scalp. Eventually the follicles shrink to the point that the hairs are so weak and thin, you can't even see them any more. Propecia...
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    Is ForHair in Korea worth it? For asian like me?

    No, you don't need a hair transplant yet. You have almost no hair loss at all. The small amount of recession in your hairline is totally normal in adults, even if they don't have any degree of male pattern baldness at all. It can be hard to tell from photos sometimes. If you really are losing...
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    FUT transplant surgery coming soon...

    I hope you have a good result, but I'm not impressed with your post-op photos, to be really honest (I could always be wrong though). I'm sorry if that sounds negative, but somebody here (someone with no personal experience with transplants) complimented you on your post op photos. I have to...
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    How many grafts would I need for good density?

    It means the original un-transplanted hair. The remaining hair in your balding area which hasn't fallen out yet. It can also mean any hair which wasn't transplanted, anywhere else on your head. I agree that this guy would be taking some risks by getting a hair transplant now. There's a risk of...
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    Best Country for Hair Surgery?

    Based on the photos, he doesn't need a hair transplant yet. Getting a hair transplant with that much hair still remaining is pointless. A hair transplant can never give you a thick full head of hair, as if you never lost any hair at all. It's physically impossible to place the grafts as close...
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    There's no way to get donor regrowth from hair follicles that were surgically removed. This has been claimed by doctors for years, with no documentation at all. Zero photographs, going back at least 15 years (correction - a few photos that showed nothing conclusive). This was "donor...
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    Going for "less is more" result. Modified fue or regular fue?

    "Modified FUE" as referenced in the first post seems to be (IMO) a bunch of crap. First of all, it's extremely misleading to call it FUE - it has nothing to do with the spirit or intention of FUE. If You don't know, "Modified FUE" (aka mFUE) is a technique where the surgeon cuts out "mini"...
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    Affording a hair transplant

    I would not want to take out a loan, to pay for a transplant. Imagine having to pay off the loan, even if you're not satisfied.