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    Clinical Trial Shows Topical Stem Cell Treatment Leads To Hair Regrowth In Common Type Clinical Trial Shows Topical Stem Cell Treatment Leads to Hair Regrowth in Common Type of baldness ...
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    Italian Hair Loss Lotion To Hit The Market In 2016

    If Snake oil can get this much attention and buy-in. It is saying something about the hairloss industry and overall hope of everyone with bald head.
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    Has Anyone Got Their Hair Transplant From This Clinics? Korea Hair Transplant Clinic - Has anyone got their hairtransplant from this clinics?
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    Need The Best Clinic For Hairlines In India Or South East Asia?. You should look into Korea, you can get medical insurance there. So if you die at least your love one will be compensated. Where else in India I heard a few people have died due to lack of general testing on anaesthetic and turns out they were...
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    Very Impressive Dermarolling And Minxodil Results - From Tressless

    I guess at 21 Years old, you could be the less than 2-5% users at the top responder. It could entirely be DermaRolling as well. 2mm does seems a Very painful procedure. I myself am 40 years old and been balding for 20 + years. Was Norwood 4 two years ago. Dermarolling and Using Minoxidilmax Dual...
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    Topical Finasteride/dutasteride Feedback

    I have been using Monixidilmax product from spain ( Literally after 4 months of derma Rolling 1mm once a week with .5mm once a week and applying this directly after each rolling. My hairline have thicken...
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    finasteride + dutasteride + Mnx Gel Where Can I Find This Gel

    Using topical FNS/dutasteride/MNX - Where can I find these GEL? for the patients using topical FNS/dutasteride/MNX alone, significant hair growth was experienced after three months. The topical FNS/dutasteride/MNX was formulated as a...
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    Pleasureless Orgasm On Finasteride?

    Try RU/Topical finasteride if this is causing you major problem with your Libido. Because long term effect will f*** you into depression and suicide with limp dick hanging down between your legs. Guess which one is better? Hair or that? Topicla route is much safe, you can do RU/KB solution in the...
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    Results With Topical Finasteride - Has It Worked For Anyone?

    sh*t just roll out of your mouth, but here is scientifically backed paper - That proves it work better if not as good as oral.
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    S. Korea Hair Cm3 / Ngf-574h Cosmetic Due Q1 2019

    I'm happy to buy them as soon as they come out. Also make a photo from before and after. However I'm on RU- A few times a week. Rogaine - once a day, with Derm pen - every fortnight/ I'm also NW2a/Nw3 kind of.. Heavy hairline receding, slight thinning in the crown. 40 years old in 6 months...
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    Topical Zinc Thymulin For The Treatments Of Androgenetic Alopecia

    This is my 2nd problem, he hasn't respond to my last 3 emails. So go figure. If you got his mobile number, I'm more than happy to call him.
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    Topical Zinc Thymulin For The Treatments Of Androgenetic Alopecia

    The Dr who sell this live about 10 minutes drive away from me. With my salary I could buy a hundred of these every month. However I have more trust in rubbing my own sperm to get more growth than this stuff. Go ahead though you may get to nw0. I for one really doubt this stuff.
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    Topical Zinc Thymulin For The Treatments Of Androgenetic Alopecia

    I don't know if anyone is still interested in this bogus hogus product. This was another snake oil and I was glad I didn't rush into it.
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    What Does A Norwood 2a Look Like? Anyone Got Examples?

    Not f*****g really, anyone with over 30 IQ will work that out.