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    Any Experience With Very Low Dose Oral Minoxidil (less Than 5 Mg)

    the half life on tissues is the same, there is prolonged effect on tissues of oral minoxidil even after its out of the serum
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    Carnosine with microneedling! Lots of good info
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    Carnosine with microneedling! Lots of good info

    i told u guys i applied beta alanine after needling and got insane itch
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    Minoxidil grows hair every time fast on my face and micro hairs on the scalp

    But never restores terminal hairs. Why is that? What kind of scalp skin changes occur that minoxidil cannot reverse
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    Tried Putting Beta Alanine Powder On My Scalp And Resulted In Extreme Itch

    Yea i really only tried it twice, once right after dermaroll where i got a huge reaction basically my scalp felt exploding with stimulation but without dermarolling i didnt feel anything. I think microneedlingg + trying different things is really beneficial
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    Why does baldness start at certain age ?

    what happens to the body that wasnt happening at 18 ?
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    Should I just give up? ( considering turkey FUE)

    try minoxidil + dermaroll + finasteride for a year and then get transplant
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    3 Months On Topical Dutasteride - Results

    maybe because of liposomes, they are unstable with regular vehicles maybe is more or maybe they just want you to buy more more money for them
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    Its f*****g 2018 And We Dont Have Anything To Stop This f*****g Minutarization

    hair transplants improvements and new topical delviery of minoxidil/dutasteride are only things that are coming in next 5-10 years imo
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    Topical Bicalutamide Log (lets See If This Works)

    atleast we have options, even 20 years ago it was finasteride + minoxidil before you bald for life or shave it and 40 years ago we had absolutely nothing
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    3 Months On Topical Dutasteride - Results

    if u microneedle frequently without applying topical dutasteride but you apply it 1 a week on a day you dont microneedle. Can the dutasteride that is in your skin/hair follicle go systemic due to the increase in blood flow to the area ?
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    Topical Dutasteride Case Assessment Thread

    f*** the w****s bro, i dont care im gonna have good hair soon