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    What Norwood Am I? Has It Gotten Worse?

    You’ve lost a little ground, but that’s to be expected. Its working.
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    Hey Wanted To Know If I’m Balding [pics Include]

    Bruh... This is grade A trolling, I’ll give you that
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    Losing Hairline At 20? Or Maturing? Agh..

    You’re rapidly approaching the moment of truth wherein you will have to decide how much your hair means to you. The fact you can see progress in a 6 month period means this sh*t isn’t slowing down or stopping anytime soon. The fact it’s progressing despite the cosmetic benefits of Min and...
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    Finasteride For 6 Years * Update + Concerns *

    Not sure you ever needed it to begin with unless you got a diagnosis. If we assume you have male pattern baldness then it seems like the finasteride is doing its job. I don’t know what the guy above is talking about but I’m 34 and my drive and ability hasn’t decreased a single notch. Natural libido changes usually...
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    Can You Use Nizoral Everyday If Use A Conditioner To Neutralise The Drying Effect?

    It’s really not a good idea to use it daily. It’s not even a good idea to use standard clarifying shampoo daily. Both destroy your hair cuticle, but Nizoral is the most damaging. If you insist on doing this, use conditioner on your hair before and after to help protect it. Keep in mind...
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    Does My Friends Density At His Hairline Looking Normal In Your Opinion?

    Transplant, and a bad one at that. That is one of the fakest looking hairlines I’ve seen.
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    29m - Receding Hairline Or Mature Hairline?

    It’s not that bad yet, but it looks like it could progress substantially in the short term, but what’s more concerning is it looks like it’s diffusing. This means you might keep something close to your hairline but will be thin as sh*t all over. Right now it’s hard to tell, but I would be much...
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    [help] Caps And Hair Loss? Possible Connection?

    It could pull out hairs that were destined to fall out on their own anyway, but it doesn’t independently cause hair loss. If you are receding the chances it’s caused by the hat are zero.
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    Is This Thinning? Hair After Shower.

    Definitely thinning out. It looks worse than it is because of the length and weight of the individual strands but it is most definitely happening. The other issue in display here is how unhealthy your hair looks. If you’re going to keep it at that length or longer you need to do the research...
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    Can Staring Then Stopping finasteride Accelerate Hair Loss?

    Yes. It’s time to take a sh*t or get off the pot. There are no half measures, you’re either in or you aren’t. Throwing your body’s hormones into a dumpster fire by constantly starting and stopping finasteride is going to make things much worse than not taking it at all. You’re basically going to...
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    I Need Some Help To Clear My Mind And Get A More Objective View

    Honestly, if you want peace of mind and objectivity the first thing you need to do is confirm you need to do anything at all. I can’t tell you the number of times someone posts something like you just did when they weren’t even losing hair to begin with. As you are no doubt aware, the existing...
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    Can Hairloss Stop At Some Point Of Recession?

    Well always stops somewhere, but no one can tell you where or when that will be. Not everyone who’s balding ends up with the horseshoe, but there’s no way to look at two people with similar thinning and have any idea of what they will look like in 10+ could be a NW2-3 and...
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    Going Bald In Less Than A Year, Need Advice

    This is the best thing you can possibly do if you’re unsure of whether you are thinning or not, how bad it is, and, (should you need them/wish to start them), a good length to keep for a year while you let medication take full effect. The hair will be so short that you won’t see much shedding...
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    Going Bald In Less Than A Year, Need Advice

    The guy really does get too much hate. I think that the first two years of this thread have had the unfortunate effect of rolling over into the third. While it’s true that there was nothing there during the former period and so call outs were inevitable and justified, the past year has changed...
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    Temples Receding But Still Unsure Of What Stage I’m At (m 19)

    Problem is there isn’t really much to tell you. You’ve got loss for sure, but there’s unfortunately nothing outside of finasteride/dutasteride that can actually address the loss itself. Min and dermarolling might help in the interim, but it’s known mostly for its effectiveness at the crown. Additionally...