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    It’s been thirty years since I last visited this forum. Things I have learned along the way..

    Not true. Yes, might be more difficult but you need to put in the work my friend, just recently got my real estate license and do tons of networking which puts me in contact with a lot of hot realtors who I interact with professionally and personally. Choose a profession where you will be...
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    It’s been thirty years since I last visited this forum. Things I have learned along the way..

    Yes. Shivers20 or Shivers No they sucked, libido went to shyt but I carried on. I respectfully disagree. Confidence with being in top physical shape, (six pack abs) works wonders. Having a full head of hair, with no confidence, no game and being overweight will not net you more women. I used...
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    It’s been thirty years since I last visited this forum. Things I have learned along the way..

    Hello everyone. Just want to share my story. Joined this forum almost thirty years ago. Edit: My apologies I joined regr*wth when I was 17 years old, so techically twenty six years ago, not thirty, then migrated over to this site. Last visited maybe ten years ago because I was curious to find...
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    Update: Follica's Presentation At The 2017 Aad Meeting

    First visit to the clinic is to punch holes into your scalp and apply a egfr inhibitor or some other drug that needs to be applied by a professional in the correct and safe amount, the rest of the days you are applying minoxidil?
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    Terminal hair growth on non-prior haired areas / Diclofenac 3%

    Possible sunburn on top of the scalp plus the medication, same as the other examples we have seen in the past.
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    Impractical Jokers

    How about that DISH Network commercial where the lady is at dinner with some dude and she mentions that her cable bill is getting uglier and uglier then shows the guy getting fatter, having a mole and balding. The commercial frowns upon balding. This is ****.
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    How much better are things looking now compared to 10 years ago?

    I dont see any new " effective" treatments coming anytime soon so start popping your crappy propecia pills. Been in this game way too long to think otherwise.
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    Pfizer to buy Allergan

    Fox Business News just recently interviewed the CEO of Allergen. The roundtable were discussing the Pfizer/Allergen deal and he mentioned that there were aesthetic treatments in the pipeline. Im hoping he means Seti for hairloss.
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    Histogen Interview w/ Dr. Gail Naughton

    Good stuff! HSC is more effective in males, age 40-60. Is this possibly due to lower circulating DHT levels the older you get?
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    Pfizer to buy Allergan

    How will this affect us?
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    Hellouser at Hair Congress 2015 in Miami - General Discussion

    Best of Luck! Enjoy the weather and bring back some good news!
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    Bimatoprost phase 2 results

    Bim and minoxidil should be a combo. They arent the same nor should be treated as such. perfect example would be the side effect of Bim is increased pigmentation, no such side effect exists from the use of minoxidil, therefore they act on diff pathways
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    Official Hellouser to Miami Hair Congress 2015 Fund

    Ask Dr Cots what are the levels of PGD2 in early versus late Androgenetic Alopecia? Thanks