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    what system is this?

    I think the base is a polyskin base,i have been researching bases for a while and this might be the most undetectable durable base out there in the market right now,my first hair system was made out of french lace and when the hair fell out from the hairpiece the lace was really noticeable,i am...
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    pictures of hair systems from users

    Your hairpieces look amazing Jacson! I was wondering Did you get french lace or SFS
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    Two of my favourites :)

    The pic of Zach is really amazing,its like a miracle! I was thinking of getting another hairpiece in the near future and it is really encouraging to see these great pictures that you posted, thanks!
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    How much would a hair piece improve my appearance? New pics.

    I think you look best with the Rasta hairdo lol! Great post man! :bravo:
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    with or without

    Lol the grandpa hair piece ha ha ha,thats what it was and still is,I got it off the internet at T**L**E, I paid a good 300 Canadian for it if I remember correctly. IM done with hairpieces for now,I will just be bald for the summer time. Being bald is nice for now, I get to feel the warm...
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    I made another template!

    Hey Choreboy thats some pretty good hair you got. Do you wear a topper My forhead is naturally wide,wearing a hair piece makes it look a lot smaller.
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    I made another template!

    Thanks Marty Kay! you got some good advice!
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    I made another template!

    Thanks for your comments Jokerman.
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    I made another template!

    Hey Jokerman I have questions, should I have my hairline more receeded, and what are some dead giveaways that I am wearing a hairpiece. Please be as honest(and brutal lol) as possible so I dont mess up my next order if and when I decide to go through with it.
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    I made another template!

    Heres a pic of my last hairstyle, horrible lol!
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    I made another template!

    I was also wondering what would be a good hairstyle for me. The last one was a disaster lol!
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    I made another template!

    My hairline is so messed up, when I shave my head, you can see a dark shadow of whats left of my majorly receeding hairline(norwood5), its horrible when I look in the mirror. I look and feel so much younger than what my hairline gives me credit for. Before I use to think I would get my hair...
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    Where is the best place to go for a hair piece?

    Go to hair apparent they have hairpieces for an unheard of 125$ Their website is
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    Hair Pieces and Marriage

    Its all a give and take thing,in a true loving lasting relationship, you get what you put in most of the time or less depending on the partner you have,sometimes you might have to anti up financially and give your lady some money for clothes and other things without asking why afterwards(its...
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    Observation from TV show "Pawn Stars"

    Damn thats gotta suck Nene,you never think your gonna go bald untill all the sudden Poof! S**t happens. I balded vigorously at 24 and I am still balding currently at norwood 5,at 35 years of age,well, I guess worse things could happen,but whats worse than balding!