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    Some people say dht is kind of pointless after puberty but is this true?

    I don't think any endocrinologist would come out and say that DHT is a trash hormone in adults or any of the other memes in the hair loss community. But, if you look up the effects of DHT in adults you'll pretty much only find info describing its role in hair loss, prostate growth, and acne. It...
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    Low doses of finasterida: What's the bare minium?

    Kevin Mann did a video recently covering a study done on this topic. The study reports that .1 mg is ineffective although still suppresses some DHT, .2 mg is about as low as you can go and still see some result. In the study they took the pills daily so EOD might give different results. Although...
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    Bald shaven head vs SMP tattoed head which is better?

    SMP that I've seen IRL look really weird. There's an unnatural shine and flatness to it. Even very short hair has a visible texture. Not to mention it won't pass the touch test at all. For diffuse thinners I think it can be effective at filling in patches. For slick bald? Not gonna do the job.
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    RU58841 *can* go systemic and the side effects are very real. I was a doubter.

    5% solution, 1ml. I think that's like 50mg daily.
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    Exploring The Hormonal Route. Hair=life.

    Question for the people on HRT. What's the point of using a 5ar inhibitor if you're already crushing test levels? My understanding is that gender transition stacks reduce T to near zero. Is there really going to be enough DHT conversion at that point to make a difference?
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    Why you're utterly fucked even if you get a cure, and why you shouldn't EVER reproduce

    I think this dude is legitimately fucked in the head, he's not trolling. His post history is full of incel blackpill horseshit. His fixation just revolves around baldness.
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    Being off Finasteride + Minoxidil for 6 months.

    You can take prescription medications in boot camp. Even for some cosmetic conditions like acne. I don't know if androgenic alopecia would be on the list but if you have an official diagnosis and a prescription then there's a chance they can't legally forbid you from taking it. I would ask your...
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    Can anyone tell me if this is normal?

    I doubt scalp itch is related to balding at all. Whatever you're experiencing is most likely unrelated. I read people on reddit talking about "DHT itch" and the like but as far as I can tell that's an urban legend. What you're describing sounds like contact dermatitis. Which might be due to...
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    EVERYONE Will Get Finasteride Side-Effects Eventually

    What the OP said is that he was collecting data. Which is true, but it would be data collected with a caveat. It wouldn't be from the average finasteride user. It would be from one who spent time on hair loss forums. Which is a significant difference. People on forums like these, revolving...
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    EVERYONE Will Get Finasteride Side-Effects Eventually

    What is lacking from the PFS crowd thus far are high quality studies. Ones that actually make a strong case for finasteride being the causative agent in long term sexual dysfunction. So far we've only had snipe hunts for some kind of etiology on the alleged symptoms. These studies invariably are...
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    EVERYONE Will Get Finasteride Side-Effects Eventually

    Sure is, I was sympathetic to the PFS crowd initially but I haven't been impressed since reading more into it. Fallacious reasoning, piss poor studies, and anecdotes seem to be the foundation. Becoming more convinced that it's a psychogenic condition. Your posts in this thread being a good...
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    EVERYONE Will Get Finasteride Side-Effects Eventually

    Given how much stock you put in anecdote I'm surprised you recommend minoxidil. Or haven't you heard of post minoxidil syndrome? Time to throw out your Kirkland foam, copers.
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    Maybe self love is the key? What are your thoughts?

    You have to love yourself to the extent that you give yourself the best possible shot. That means not tearing yourself down constantly for every perceived flaw and failure. As you've discovered, being incredibly introspectively hyper-critical is paralyzing. If you don't at least believe in...
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    Bayer Prolactin Receptor Antibody For Male And Female Pattern Hair Loss

    Kevin talked about it but there isn't much to say beyond "sounds promising, let's see if it works."