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    Ru58841 Users, Please Help. Thank You

    bruh, its a experimental drug that has questionable safety profiles. It's been dropped by 2 different companies.
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    The Cb (breezula [clascoterone]) Community Thread

    that's good to hear, but we don't have long term studies other than anecdotal reports. still makes me uneasy to use it long term but that's the nature of hair loss treatments in 2020
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    The Cb (breezula [clascoterone]) Community Thread

    what are you basing this safety on? I would really like to try RU but am scared of potential sides (eg. infertility and CHF). So far, zix isn't doing much if anything at all.
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    My Multi-approach Natural Treatment To Treat My Hair Loss

    I might try topical finasteride. currently on Zix and adenosin for 7 months. Have you tried liposomal topical finasteride? i hear it has less systemic abosorption.
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    Any Way To Get Azealic Acid Without Min?

    if topical anti-androgens are effective, then what's the point with RU58841 and CB?
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    Adenosine; Is It The Same As Minoxidil?

    i been using adenogen for the past 7 months, I don't think it's doing much at all
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    Update From The God Himself - Dr. Takashi Tsuji

    found the skin head neo nazi, why are you so concerned about hair?...The japanese share similar facial traits as the chinese, you calling our chinese friend "slent eyed" is also an insult to the very japanese people you're looking to for help with your pathetic hairloss. You're just not that...
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    Follica Microneedling Protocol Patent Disclosed

    are you also on a 5-AR inhibitor like finasteride or dutasteride?
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    Follica Microneedling Protocol Patent Disclosed

    did you get the unofficial version of the m8? I looked on ebay and the m8 only cost $60 and I'm suspicious about the legitimacy of the product.
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    Follica Microneedling Protocol Patent Disclosed

    but how do you know it's actually 8000rpm, that would require the motor to make 150 stabs per second. I don't think there are any dermapen motors that fast.
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    Follica Microneedling Protocol Patent Disclosed

    I'm going to give this a try, but can't decide which dermapen to buy. the D2 seems to be reliable in its speed of 25hz but it's slow the A7 has faster speed at ~300hz but according to some, its advertised 18000rpm isn't accurate and could cause tearing?
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    The Cb (breezula [clascoterone]) Community Thread

    and you're also a racist. You think american pharm co. are morally righteous? is that why Merck with held research regarding PFS data from the FDA? How about the big pharma and the doctors that got filthy rich from dealing opiates and now we have the second coming of opium wars right here in...
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    The Cb (breezula [clascoterone]) Community Thread

    Every vendor is sketchy when we're dealing with underground chemicals. You think people will go through the length to synthesize the compound out of good will?... You actually think a chem company in europe is more trust worthy when all they care about is $$ think a european is morally...