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    Follicum Ab Reports Top-line Data From First-in-man Scalp Study

    CEO Jan Alenfall comments: “We are very pleased to have completed this phase IIa clinical study that has shown that the treatment is safe and despite the limited number of patients, also shows a good effect on hair growth. The highest dose showed that the treatment resulted in both increased...
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    Histogen Presentation - Arm Cell & Gene Investor Day

    The ARM Cell & Gene Investor Day was held on April 17, 2018 in New York; Dr. Stephen Chang presented. Histogen's presentation (YouTube) There are also two upcoming conferences but Dr. Chang seems to have disclosed the most up to date information: Skin Care Conference & Expo Montreal, Canada...
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    Follica Delays Due To -planned Obsolescence-

    Kinda astonishing that Follica's website has been up for a while and no one seemingly noticed the part of the site that describes the In home treatment that clearly says...(emphasis mine) Our at-home treatment system is being designed to better deliver a range of compounds directly to the scalp...
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    Wound Induced Hair Follicle Neogenesis

    Wanna know a company that really stretched out a timeline? Histogen. A lot of folks were planning a Mexico trip this year....
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    One Month On Xandrox 15, Devastating Shed...

    Hey @joshua, how has your experience with MinoxidilMax been? I am assuming that it's not been like Xandrox? I am currently on Dutasteride every alternate day but my hairline has been taking a hit of late and so I am considering adding the DualGen-15 and dermarolling weekly with a 1.5mm as...
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    New Puretech Website Layout (pivotal Trial First Half Of 2018)

    So it would seem that initiating the pivotal trial includes whatever is required to get it ready and it actually begins in the second half of 2018!
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    I Think Kerastem Will Ask The Fda To Let Them Market Treatment After Phase 2

    I read that with Sheldon Cooper's voice in my head :Do_O
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    Follica - Other New Patent 2017 - Methods For Treating Baldness And Promoting Hair Growth

    Dig a bit deeper... minoxidil + a host of other potential agents... [0065] In particular aspects, the hair growth-promoting agent used in accordance with this aspect enhances conversion of vellus hair to nonvellus hair. In one such aspect, the hair growth-promoting agent enhances conversion of...
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    Polarity News. Polarity Makes Breakthrough In Generating Skin With Hair Follicles.

    To quote from the SEC directly, Form 8-K is the “current report” companies must file with the SEC to announce major events that shareholders should know about.
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    Polarity News. Polarity Makes Breakthrough In Generating Skin With Hair Follicles.

    Thought I'd just drop the latest 8K filed by PolarityTE right here! In summary...
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    Replicel Is On Fire Lately — Data In Feb.

    Spot on that was really a great interview outlining Replicel's vision with this treatment. Some of us are getting our knickers in a twist far too easily. Let's just wait for the data, personally I am excited to hear about the data and how it builds on much more data points than the original 16...