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    6 Months On Finasteride And Minoxidil 2x Daily

    Nice man. What’s you finasteride dosage?
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    Man From Reddit Regrew Hair With Massages.

    What do you guys think about this electric scalp massager?
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    Minoxidil Foam Causes No Itch Unlike Liquid?

    I spray the foam in the cap then I heat up the bottom of the cap with hot water. The foam should dissolve into a liquid then I use a dropper to apply the liquid to my scalp. Yes, this method is less itchy than regular liquid minoxidil.
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    Minoxidil Foam Causes No Itch Unlike Liquid?

    Foam>liquid I like to melt the foam then apply
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    Just Feeling Pretty Run Down And Tired

    Hang in there we’re all going to make it brah
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    Dealing With Scalp Itching/irritation From Minoxidil

    Yea it’s the alcohol in minoxidil. DO NOT get off min you will shed all gains
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    4 Month Progress (dermarolling + Homemade Oil Serum)

    Nice results keep at it
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    Brotzu Lotion (trinov) Progress Pictures And Diary

    Anyone trying this with micro-needling?
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    How to correctly apply Rogaine liquid?

    I like to spike up my hair then drop min directly on scalp without my hair absorbing it.
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    So Happy That I Started My Finasteride Early.

    What age did you notice hairloss brother?
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    Anyone Suicidal Over Their Loss? Curious.

    We're all going to make it brah, hold on.
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    Rejoice My Brothers! Norwood 3 To Norwood 2 In 3.5 Months!

    Nice results. Any side effects?
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    4 Month Finasteride Progress (positive)

    I am going to bite the bullet as well, how many mgs are you on OP?
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    I Am Actually Regrowing My Hair + Hairline Without Min Or finasteride (mechanical Stimulation)

    Nice results brother, which dermaroller did you buy?
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    The Biggest Cope I've Seen Yet In

    Some guys a so delusional, it's sad.