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    New Study: Topical Cetirizine For Androgenetic Alopecia Shows Promise

    Honestly, I think people who said it didn't work was bc they used a vehicle like plain old water which just doesn't penetrate the skin to any appreciable extent.
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    New Study: Topical Cetirizine For Androgenetic Alopecia Shows Promise

    Recall from Garza et al that Mast cell proliferation is seen around the balding follicles
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    I'm Going To Test A Brotzu-esque All Natural Topical

    Dude, just use s-equol. But as has been said: it's the cationic liposomal vehicle that's the issue here. You can't reproduce that from your home.
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    Whatevr's Success Story - With Timeline

    Nice finasteride result. He stopped his finasteride literally... 2 months ago. He was on it for over ayear. It takes the enzyme time to recover -- 2 months span, you'd still retain your gains from the 5aRI. Lets see his hair in 6 months to a year.
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    Setipiprant Dosage

    Allergan / Kythera is going to be dosing Androgenetic Alopecia patients with 2x 500 mg Setipiprant tabs daily.
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    Topical Cetirizine more effective twice a day?

    no one knows and everyone has more or less moved on from this, now that actual crth2 receptor blockers are available
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    Who used OC and did not see results?

    once a week 0.5%. gives me hypersensitivity reaction so i cant use more than this. i believe i lost some density since dropping finas, and i used finasteride even less dose sometimes once every 2 weeks.
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    Topical Cetrizine for Hair Loss instead of Finasteride (Propecia)

    Nobody uses it anymore given that OC and setipiprant are increasingly available. But OC gives me sides so I just started trialing it at 10 mg a day. I will let you know how it goes.
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    Green Tea As A Hair Loss Treatment: A Myth?

    epigallocatechin gallate only inhibits TYPE I 5 alpha reductase, not the type 2 predominently expressed in hair follicles.
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    Finasterid Imnunsystem destroyed?

    you should talk to an allergy specialist or a rheumatologist
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    Finasterid Imnunsystem destroyed?

    could have triggered or brought on an underlying mast cell disorder.
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    Are there any LONG term .5mg finasteride users here?

    whatd be the difference? the finasteride dose response curve is pretty flat from like 0.1 to 10 miligrams.
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    Interview with Dr. Cotsarelis

    great work at making it to the congress and investing your time into grilling these people! you mean PTGDS inhibitors? is this what AM211 is? if so, its interesting they arent dose dependent (like finasteride basically isnt) i would try to talk to garza. afterall, he authored the more lay...
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    Topical Cetirizine more effective twice a day?

    I thought the PTGDS upregulation in Androgenetic Alopecia was NOT due to mast cell degranulation, but we really don't know the full role of the mast cells in this pathology. I was going back over the original Translational Medicine paper, and they DID note increased mast cell proliferation. They write...
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    Topical Cetirizine more effective twice a day?

    Well, this is interesting. It may actually be that mast cells are somehow involved in sustaining the baldness pathology: And more implication: