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    theory for hairloss

    Absolutely retarded post! Just a waste of time.
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    Stress and Hairloss - My thoughts backed with data.

    I am actually seeing your theory with clarity. The important distinction is whether baldness is a sickness. Though there are some studies that claim a connection between baldness and heart disease but i have not seen the connection with cancer. Even the heart disease studies I have seen are...
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    hi ....concerned newbie

    You have not done your proper research and are looking for quick answer. Look at these forums in more detail. Starting the two products at the same time simply means that you will have no idea which one is effective (if at all) as one could actually be doing nothing for you. I you are sure...
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    Stress and Hairloss - My thoughts backed with data.

    I see nothing conclusive that states stress raises DHT levels. Again, stress may increase the aging process and trigger the earlier onset of male pattern baldness, but I see no evidence that stress raises testosterone levels. Please provide a peer reviewed studied that concludes this.....
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    Stress and Hairloss - My thoughts backed with data.

    I read the study and I just don't see how it is really applicable. Again, I think you are "reaching" for some sort of solution when it is obvious, you have a genetic condition that is proven to be unpredictable in cause but predictable in its process. Not to mention the article you reference...
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    Stress and Hairloss - My thoughts backed with data.

    Every time someone tries to trump up some theory on male pattern baldness they always refer to Telogen Effluvium to somehow defend their point of view. Well I did not mention Telogen Effluvium because it is a completely different condition then male pattern baldness with totally different characteristics and not to mention it is somewhat rare especially...
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    Stress and Hairloss - My thoughts backed with data.

    Stress can certainly increase the aging process and trigger the body to start attacking follicles early. However this just effects the rate of hairloss as the underlying cause is DHT sensitivity and this is a strictly genetic condition. You state that there is no one in your family who has...
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    These treatments will not make things worse IMO. If you did your research prior to using these products, you would know that many take a step back before taking a step forward and there are occasional shedding periods. There is no evidence that these products are capable of making things worse...
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    ejaculation theory to the test

    My question....what does your brother's hair have to do with you being a "responder" to propecia? Also, if there is no orgasm then I'm not sure you can label that as sex, just my opinion. This masturbation/hairloss discussion always cracks me up. So desperate and so ridiculous.
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    negative results

    An increase in T is largely due to the fact that T is being blocked from being converted into DHT so resting T levels increase. however, the DHT blockage from finasteride more then makes up for the potential negative effects (in regards to additional hairloss) from the increased T levels. Again, based...
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    negative results

    "it take as much as 18 months" Don't take my words out of context you ***. The fact is that chances that finasteride will increase hairloss is ridiculously small. The more likely scenario is simply that the patients balding rate is severe and increasing and finasteride can't keep up. Deciding not to use finasteride...
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    negative results

    How'd I know that would be your response. So you have no photos, no scientific evidence and have made your conclusions based on only 11 months of use (when it is clear that a MINIMUM of one year is required) but you think it is responsible for you to advise others? Despite you ignorant...
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    negative results

    I am not trying to dispute people's opinions here but this is total heresy. Without proper photos from before and after you took propecia then nothing can be concluded. Not to mention the fact that it is talked about frggin constantly on this website that you must wait a MINIMUM of one year...
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    do diuretics such as spironolactone some times cause hair lo

    You are a total nut job to take oral spironolactone because you do not like your hairloss. I have read your posts for too long now and you need to talk to a psychotherapist because your image issues are out of hand. To other on this board, oral spironolactone is far too aggressive and potentially harmful...
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    Masturbation and Hairloss, personal experience + 4 m results

    Ripple-effect, there are many studies completed on masturbation and to my knowledge a huge huge majority of the medical community sees no problem with it. I also have a news flash, masturbation involves essentially the same process as sex and the medical community not only has no problem with...