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    Cheapest Finasteride Prescription W/o Insurance?

    Never had any probs getting generic finasteride (finpecia) and proscar to save $$ You can find finasteride here with promocode "get10"
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    Im About To Have Sex With New Girlfriend But Cant Get Erection On Finasteride, What Pills Can I Take

    V* or c*, everyone knows their names. Used them for very fist times with new gf. You can google search 'EDSTOP247' :) to get them a way cheaper.
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    Where To Buy Flutamide ? Flutamide?

    Try to search here , just found coupon code 'get10'. Gope this helps.
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    Dutasteride Success Stories,cant Really Find Them
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    16 Year Old Right Temple Receding 7 Words

    it seems you have head full of hair
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    Can't Get A Finasteride Presctiption

    You can try others, as far as I know they have worldwide shipping with delivery insurance. They had coupon code 'GET10',
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    When Do You See Results From Finasteride?

    I saw first results after 6 months
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    Hoping This Will Be A Success Story

    Thanks for update! Stop shedding is great! congrats
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    Switching Between Different Brands When Taking Generic Finasteride

    Used finpecia and proscar. Both are good. No difference.
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    According To This Forum How Many People Are Non Responders To Finasteride?

    There are a lot of guys who want go from nw4 to nw0 in 1-2-3 month with finasteride. Just be patient!
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    Cutting 5mg Finasteride Not Recommended

    I have good results with proscar (cut 4pcs)
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    My Regimen - Please Critique, Give Suggestions

    I mean 'genetic' :D