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    Nourkrin Man

    Nourkrin is just over-priced fish oil it seems. Lee Sharpe has never showed any signs of going bald. Funny how they've suddenly slashed the price 50%.
  2. Jaz

    YoungPunks Progress (With Pics!)

    Great results dude. I also believe that the topical treatments, in particular Revivogen, have significantly contributed to this success. I'm using Revivogen rotated with Nizoral as well and have seen some good results. I used to dye my hair black and for a while was convinced the hair dye...
  3. Jaz


    The first shed was very early on back in November maybe 3 weeks into taking 1mg finasteride daily. It didn't seem to last very long, but then again I came off finasteride not long after because of the side effects I was getting. Stick with it through the shedding mate, what else does your regime consist of?
  4. Jaz


    Thanks! I did go through a brief shed at the very start, I noticed I'd lost more around the temple area. That lasted about a month I think. Nizoral twice a week rotated with Revivogen 3-4 times a week, .5mg of finasteride a day, glass of Emerald Balance daily (taken mainly for health purposes than...
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    I first started noticing I was losing my hair when I was about 21, its been a very slow process from then until I was 25 when my temples were really starting to show. It was only then I decided to do something about it. I started on Finpecia back in November taking 1mg daily, however 1 month...
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    My new haircut looks great

    Hair looks too flat, mess it up a little.
  7. Jaz

    Temple regrowth! and still coming! August 20 update

    Do you attribute any of your success to Emerald Balance cmoneyt8ker? Or have you dropped that from your regime altogether..
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    apple vinegar

    I started off taking 1mg of finasteride per day for a couple of months and got some irritating side effects such as anxiety, fatigue, brain fog etc. I've been on .5mg a day for another couple of months and still get the brain fog which I can deal with, at least I don't get the anxiety, I couldn't handle...
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    apple vinegar

    I've been drinking it 3 times a day for the past couple of months to help with Eczema I get on my face, it does seem to help and makes my skin look healthy. Like hair_tommorrow said, its acidic and can destroy the enamel on your teeth so rinse your mouth out after drinking it. Haven't noticed...
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    JayMan's success story(PICTURES added Today, 3/9)

    Seems like a success story, but I can't really tell much from those pictures. Some close-ups would be good.
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    Is my friend fooling me?

    Anyone who started on Emerald Balance anything to report? I've been on it for a couple of weeks, it tastes quite nice and goes down easily, seems to give me an energy boost in the mornings. I've stopped all other vitamin supplements now and suffice to say its much easier just drinking Emerald...
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    Revivogen shampoo or Nizorla?

    Revivogen is more effective when alternated with Nizoral and as it has DHT blocking agents, will do significantly more for your hairloss than just using Nizoral on its own.
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    Where on the Norwood would you place me? 25 year old

    I think you should forge a career as an Elvis impersonator.
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    Vitamin recommendations

    Definitely use Nizoral, its a topical shampoo which cleans your scalp and promotes a healthy environment for new growth. You might also want to try a DHT blocking shampoo such as Revivogen or Revita to use in rotation with Nizoral. As for vitamin supplements, theres many you could try - green...
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    Simon Cowell

    I second that, his 'box' hairstyle is one of the worst I've seen. Get off his d**k already.