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    Kevin Mann vs Encyclopedia Dramatica

    And he is back on the youchub
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    Anyone taking 10mg or more daily of oral minoxidil?

    Cranberry extract. Can be bought for relatively cheap in powder form, or in capsules. Supposedly should also have positive benefits for kidneys.
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    Questions regarding Stemoxydine (effectiveness, side effects, etc)

    It is not really a study. More like a case study. We don't know if both twins had the same amount of UV exposure and other factors.
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    Questions regarding Stemoxydine (effectiveness, side effects, etc)

    I am sorry, I am genuinely interested. I am not accusing you of anything.
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    Questions regarding Stemoxydine (effectiveness, side effects, etc)

    Post pictures. You don't have to show the entire face, just crow feet, under-eye area, and forehead.
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    Questions regarding Stemoxydine (effectiveness, side effects, etc)
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    Questions regarding Stemoxydine (effectiveness, side effects, etc)

    Considering the fact that a number of studies have proven that Minoxidil (Rogaine) causes a decrease in collagen production, even if it is taken topically, due to its ability to penetrate the skin barrier and go systemic, I started to look at alternatives. My attention was immediately attracted...
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    Minoxidil side effects (wrinkles, dark circles) and alternative

    But what are some legitimate alternatives to minoxidil? Stemoxydine?
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    Dr Mwamba - Fue Scar Repairs (donor Restocking) - 1.000 Bht

    Will you start taking/continue taking finasteride? If yes, won't this reduce thickness in your transplanted hair, since finasteride and similar drugs usually make people lose their facial and body hair density?
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    My Current Situation-11 Month Dutasteride+2 Month Oral Minoxidil

    Any collagen-related sides from oral min?
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    Does Retin-A Gel/Cream stimulate hair growth on its own?

    From studies which I have seen Retin-A is usually used together with another topical growth stimulant, like Minoxidil. I was wondering if Retin-A can be effective on its own as a growth stimulant or it only can be used with Minoxidil to increase absorption?
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    Is it possible to use hair created with minoxidil as donor hair for hair transplant?

    If it is the case, someone could just regrow hair in their donor area with minoxidil and microneedling and have an unlimited amount of grafts for their future transplant. Am I missing something?
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    Really need some feedback here. I'm officially a werewolf from oral minoxidil. Also is my crown thinning?

    What dose are you taking? Also, any collagen-related sides?
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    What is the best Dermapen routine to you ?

    1.75 millimeters every 3-4 days with a 16 pin cartridge.
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    Minoxidil alternatives which do not inhibit production of collagen in skin

    Also, I forgot to mention, microneedling on its own can promote hair growth, and unlike Minoxidil, microneedling is actually promoting the synthesis of collagen.