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    Are Our Passivity Has A Role In Our Suffering ?

    Many obstacles: 1) Many bald men refuse to treat baldness and actually fool themselves into thinking that 'suits them' and 'wife likes it' or 'it's manly'. Some even mock those desperately jumping on hormone wrecking drugs or hardcore vasodilators (research oral minoxidil) to maintain some...
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    When U R Bald And Coping With Snapback And Sun Glasses

    Chad is no hypothesis, Chad is real and he's f*****g that cute girl you really like, boy. One strives to become Chad or dies trying.
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    A Lesson To All Hair Loss Sufferers

    I think that what's getting you pussy is not your macho aura. That's not a bad thing. Women are mostly visually attracted to men, exactly as men are visually attracted to women. If everything about you is handsome and desirable except your hair.. well that's enough to get you easy pussy. Many...
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    Another Depressing Thread About Being Depressed

    Androgenetic alopecia is a staple of American black women: part of their culture (not joking) is wearing wigs and weaves. EDIT: if you google images weave, you'll find yourself amused Almost all African American celebrities use wigs, because many have recession and/or diffusion. AA causes it...
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    Only The Bald Know The Brutality Of Baldness: Eminem's Attack On Trump's Precarious Hair Situation

    Eminem started sinking deep right after his third album. I used to admire him, but now he's a just another liberal media puppet. Very upsetting. It's been some years that he just says what the liberals say, parroting like the town idiot.
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    The Greatest Tragedy Of Our Lifetime

    This one was the hardest one to read Women feel 'cheated on' when they marry men who eventually go bald. I understand this kind of thinking, but man DO I want to die.
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    Heightism Exposed. Just How Mean Can People Be?

    Heightism is a meme. As long as a man is taller than the average woman, I think he's fine in a civilized society after the age of 16 (I witnessed height bullism only in mid teenage). On the other hand, baldism is a thing and male pattern baldness is an incurable genetic gradually disfiguring disorder, with all...
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    Need Urgent Help , Hair Loss Ruining My Life

    BS boy, your poor working performance is entirely due to hair loss related depression. Another day, another brother walks in the abyss because of hair loss. When will this stop? I’m tired of seeing this happen.
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    Shaved My Head With No Guard And...

    Mate I understand that your can-do attitude is the only option, but people come here to vent negativity and share impulsive insights about this society that cetainly doesn't put bald men on a pedestal. OP is venting like any of us does. You say that you see baldites with cute girls. I like to...
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    Shaved My Head With No Guard And...

    Hey man this sh*t hits home hard. I’m f*****g 22 and with NW3v diffusing, thickened and stabilized by finasteride but unstyleable hair. I got with my ex when my hairloss wasn’t noticeable. Then we parted ways recently; I now find myself in the darkest f*****g place: the Norwood cemetery. How the f*** am...
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    Think I'm Experiencing Brain Fog On Finasteride?

    It's all nocebo man. Horror stories pushed by snake oil vendors and hair transplant scam clinics trick our minds. Do not give in. Be strong mentally. Focus. Finasteride is a very ineffective and mild drug.
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    The Curious Case Of Jude Law's Hair Loss

    Wait, isn't passing from the 7th percentile (z=-1.5) to the 31st percentile (z=-0.5) more valueable than passing from the 31st to the 50th (z=0), given that we assume a gaussian distribution?
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    Rate My Norwood, Fellas. It's Over For Me.

    You probably got some hidden gene of your family that's now expressing itself. The fullhead family history will probably save you from the endgame stages (NW6,NW7,NW8+), but the fact that you're noticeably balding means that you're headed for a NW3.5-NW4 at least. Enough to make you look like an...
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    Youtuber Shaves Head And Unleashes The Bald Beast

    Man I really appreciate your positive thinking, and I agree that the skinnycel-palecel-baldcel can be avoided with effort. What I'm referring to is this nice combination of small frame and forehead/head rate (we're talking about a >50% rate). I have a big forehead and looking like this is what...
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    Youtuber Shaves Head And Unleashes The Bald Beast

    I fear the moby look more than death and disease