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    u mirrin hairline bra?

    Better than a five head though. - - - Updated - - - Better than a five head though.
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    pain and itchy scalp...

    male pattern baldness
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    oh lawd this thread is ****ing gold, "strong BALD man or Weaker Haired man"

    That doesn't mean y'all should be skinny ... skinny+bald = no no.
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    Can sides come later?

    Sides can hit you at anytime. After 2 days, 2 years or 20 years.
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    best looking bald race (besides black)

    Yeah. Chocolate milkshake color.
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    FOLLICEPT - New Growth Stimulant potentially coming in 2015

    While you talk about unrelated nonsense, here's the video of Follicept's first application:
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    best looking bald race (besides black)

    I thought you're from Ottawa mah brada.
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    best looking bald race (besides black)

    Second best from blacks would be mulattos.
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    How did Steve Carell get his hair back?

    I'm using the same. Grew two extra dicks from it but I'm still losing hair. What am I doing wrong?
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    9 Years on finasteride - What's the Safest Way to Quit?

    This is just bro-science but I will lower the dose step by step and not quit it cold turkey. From what I've been reading, it makes sense to let your hormones readjust and that takes time. If you quit cold turkey you will be your endocrine system go ballistic and in overdrive for a few weeks...
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    Advice on halting hairline recession

    Maybe you're just in the shedding phase. Give it more time if you don't have any sides. Same happened to me, right-hand side of the hairline receded faster. I don't think there's a specific reason for that ... male pattern baldness doesn't follow any rules.
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    just had to see this ****ed up comment on facebook

    She looks 20 years older.