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    am i thinning or is it in my head. i need help

    You're doing it to yourself buddy. These are the things you should do, in order of importance: 1 - Stop examining your hair every day. You'll drive yourself crazy. 2 - See a psychologist about self-esteem and coping mechanisms 3 - Stop posting on this forum. Stop reading about hairloss. 4 -...
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    am i thinning or is it in my head. i need help

    It doesn't look like you are going bald to me. And this is the wrong place to ask - folk here will say everyone is going bald. Take more photos in 6 months time and see if you notice a difference.
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    Rosemary oil peppermint oil question

    I actually started using rosemary, lavender, peppermint and emu oil (as the carrier) before I started using minoxdil, so I can't judge what caused what really. Also, my hair is cut short so I don't notice much with how it makes my hair look. Since I've grown it out a bit now, to about 2cm long...
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    am i thinning or is it in my head. i need help

    Looks the same in those photos.
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    Rosemary oil peppermint oil question

    There's a good article on the main site about shedding you should look up. If your hair fell out from using some hair-loss treatment, it was ready to go anyway, whether it "looked healthy" or not. At least, that is my understanding.
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    am i thinning or is it in my head. i need help

    Nobody can tell by looking at those photos. Not even you. That is normal hair for most people, but maybe yours was thicker before? How can we tell? Keep those photos then do a comparison in 6 to 12 months.
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    Rosemary oil peppermint oil question

    I use both and have noticed no shedding. Well ... I did get shedding, but I assume that was due to the minoxidil, not the oils. In any case, shedding is a good thing. You should want to see shedding. Without shedding, you won't get regrowth. Unfortunately you can't have your cake and eat it too.
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    Recommended regimen without Finasteride?

    You could try topical finasteride in much smaller dosages. Studies have shown it to be almost as effective as oral (systematic) with virtually none (or none at all) of the side-effects. I am using topical finasteride and topical dutasteride and have noticed zero side-effects. Oral finasteride...
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    The real cause of male pattern baldness - Discovered and explained

    Nonsense. Whichever company cures baldness will make trillions. You're presenting a lot of woo-woo pseudo science combined with conspiracy theories.
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    17 y/o What Norwood am i? Is it bad?

    It's hard to tell from that tiny little photograph, but I think it's safe to say you can stop freaking out because if you are showing any signs of baldness at all - and to be honest, I can't see any - then it's very minimal. What you should do is take a better photograph, and then compare that...
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    19 y/o Worried about the shape of my hairline lately, early balding?

    Don't take anything. Don't listen to the bag of squirrel nuts that make up this forum. Monitor. If its getting obviously worse after 12 months then see a doctor and start with lower dose than they recommend. Don't stress, it won't all fall out overnight without you noticing and you will notice...
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    Hair transplant is no better ethically than wigs

    Ethical? Sorry .... what the f-ck are you talking about?
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    Need your thoughts about my hair, pics included.

    Is this some kind of f-cking joke? The dude has hair enough for this entire forum. You could share it out evenly amongst everyone and we'd still all have thick hair. Get the f00k off this forum you dingaling. You're not going to be much of a "pussymagnet" if you're this obsessed with your hair.
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    Old Raging Alcoholics At Norwood Zero?

    That's not true either. I'm bald and I'm a massive chad.
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    Old Raging Alcoholics At Norwood Zero?

    Honestly guys ... I think there is nothing to see here. A lot of homeless guys have long, crazy hair that makes it stand out. A lot of homeless guys are also bald. Their hair gets "dreadlocked" together so years of shedding is "tied-up" with their current hair. I've seen homeless guys with...