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    I Am Looking For A Topical Finasteride

    Can anyone suggest me if there is any topical finasteride available?
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    Regrowing It All Back And Keeping It For More Than 5 Years!

    @Somebody hey bro which derma roller should I get 0.5 or 1mm?
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    Applemets Hair - Nutraceutic Powered By Italian University Of Naples

    What's the minimum dosage subjects took before they saw any improvement?
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    Need Suggestion With The Order Of Application

    I am using a custom made finasteride and progesterone cream. I also want to use Min 5%. I want to know whether which one to apply first. Min 5% foam and then cream or cream first and then Min 5% foam and what should be the time difference as in like 5 minutes or right after ?
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    My Results After 1 Year On Big 3 (...)

    It's foam so no idea how much exactly, but twice a day.
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    New Studies Show Vit D Implicated In Hair Loss And Calcipotriol

    Okay, I tried reading and interpreting but it went above my head. In a nutshell, is it okay if I take Vitamin D 1000mcg caps ED ?
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    My Results After 1 Year On Big 3 (...)

    Man, I got damn bad dark circles after Mix. Can it cause water retention since I apply before going to bed ? What do you take diuretic ?
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    Replicel Is On Fire Lately — Data In Feb.

    So according to that pdf there is no difference in the success rate of Propecia, Rogaine and Replicel :(
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    Replicel Is On Fire Lately — Data In Feb.

    So, I guess finasteride is the saver from male pattern baldness and Prostate Cancer after all ?
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    Tissuse Interview, Ask Your Questions Here!

    Interesting. DUPA guys never go slick bald though, right ?
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    Unofficial S5 Plus Topical Discussion And Log

    I am on 5% minoxidil twice a day. Is this worth buying ?
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    Tissuse Interview, Ask Your Questions Here!

    1. Would this work for slick bald candidates ? 2. Would this work for DUPA candidates ? 3. How much it might cost ? 4. Will it release locally only requiring patients to travel ?