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    So is it true that Propecia is dangerous? Law suit?

    Wow I can't believe it. I guess people were listening after all.
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    Am I losing my hair?

    I'd say your a prime candidate for propecia, if you are prepared to go down that road.
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    Advice: Is the big 3 right for me? 19yr,help? PICS

    Your mom does not know what she is talking about. That shampoo will not do anything.
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    how many times u wanking!?

    Thought I would take a break from worrying about hair loss. But now that it is quite noticeable I'm thinking about starting treatment again. Plus I missed neffing here on the forum. :whistle: How u been?
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    Watery Sperm

    Sorry for nitpicking, but it's your semen, not your sperm, that is watery.
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    When Should I tell Her?

    Have you ever considered that your hair is not the reason she chose to be with you? :smack:
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    Growing out my hair - Am I thinning?

    Lol being male kind of rules out female pattern baldness for him. :stupid: I think you are fine, bro. It's normal to see some scalp when your hair is wet. Do you have hairloss in the family?
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    Need as much opinion as i could about this

    There are no blood tests to tell if you will lose your hair. If you do have hair loss it has not progressed far enough to warrant treatment in my opinion. Give it some time and if it becomes noticeable you can start treatment. You have plenty of time. Now get off this board and go find a girl...
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    You English folk and your obsession with this Beckham guy is just weird.
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    Thinning Hair

    Listen to this man he is very wise. Even smarter than Einstein apparently.
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    HELP! Receeding hairline

    I wouldn't use anything other than the big three. They are cheap, readily available and are actually proven to work. Just remember, the big three will set you free.
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    Prince Harry Has going bald too

    Lol you are going to see anyones scalp under the gigawatt flash bulbs they use. He will probably go bald in the same fashion as his father. He'll keep the front and have a bald spot in the back.