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    Comparison Of Every Possible Treatment Available For Hair Loss

    Relative to other NSAAs, nilutamide is unique in its potential to produce side effects such as vision impairment and lung damage (interstitial pneumonitis). It is also worth noting that while human clinical trials have not been run on RU-58841, similar side effects have been reported...
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    Update From The God Himself - Dr. Takashi Tsuji

    Update from FollicleThought: Human clinical trials to start this year, pending regulatory approval.
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    Exploring The Hormonal Route. Hair=life.

    Legend has it he flew too close to the sun.
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    Complete Crown Regrowth - Topical Dutasteride

    Just curious, how do you administer your TRT? Injection or transdermal or oral or something else?
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    The Cure To Hair Already Came Out...and We All Saw It Everyone Ignored It...and It’s Natural

    Please mind the important difference between a cure and a treatment. A treatment lessens the symptoms of the disease without necessarily improving the underlying condition. So long as there is disease, there may be symptoms, and so long as there are symptoms, a treatment may provide some...
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    The Mechanism You Think Most Responsible For Male Pattern Baldness!

    Friend, muscles that big mean high anabolic androgenic steroid use; that's far worse for your hair than DHT alone, if you are genetically susceptible to baldness. That man appears not have the required androgen sensitivity to grow a beard, thicken body hair, or lose scalp hair, regardless of how...
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    Follica Microneedling Protocol Patent Disclosed

    I am not aware of that youtube comment, but respectfully I defer to the instructions in the derminator manual. It is indeed possible to ensure no hole overlap in a steady speed, single pass, high frequency needle head. In the limiting case, it would be a single row of very closely packed...
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    Follica Microneedling Protocol Patent Disclosed

    The head diameter is not relevant for the calculation. I already posted about not staying in one spot for an extended period of time. The 5 second dose per 1 cm^2 is no more than the inverse of the movement rate - 1/5 cm^2 per second. See the derminator 2 manual regarding the calculation if you...
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    Follica Microneedling Protocol Patent Disclosed

    There seems to be some confusion, so let me clear it up. The derminator 2's highest speed setting operates at 25 Hz; that is, 25 stabs per second. Suppose we are evenly needling a unit area of one cm^2. Suppose we are using the 12 needle head. The amount of time we should spend there to get...
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    Electrical Stimulation Revisited: Studies From 1990, 2003, 2015 And 2019

    When the glass electrode of the violet ray makes contact with the skin, ozone is generated from the oxygen in the air. Ozone is very reactive and is a strong oxidant, so it can combust nearby organic residues. In fact, such a treatment is often used to clean organic residues off a variety of...
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    Novartis' Asthma Drug Fails In Phase 3 ! f*** f*** f*** !!!!!!

    Darn, I was looking forward to people trying a mixture DP2 antagonists, minoxidil, and microneedling - the poor man's Cotsarelis routine. Currently these experimental drugs are too costly to use in a daily routine as private lab synthesis is the only means of acquiring them.
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    Very Impressive Dermarolling And Minxodil Results - From Tressless

    You're not understanding - a before and after 2 week comparison is not meaningful in the context of hair growth, for any treatment.