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    HPM - living the dream?(Whatever happend to) thread

    lmfao HairPieceMan, the legend. I bet he is out slaying right now, with his boot lifts, his wig, XL socks down his pants...
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    Tinder 10/10 Male Experiment

    I'm glad I'm single. Look at all the bullshit on the "Am I being unreasonable?" forums where women are soo pissy with their husbands over tiny little things - the husband bought beer at the store instead of wine - massive arguement ensues. Why are the vast majority of women just so damn...
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    Women Speaking Out Against The Misleading Male Practice Of “hatfishing”

    lol. There's a guy on youtube who promotes this "natural" green sh*t for his hair loss, and he swears it works. yet every video, he was getting balder and balder. Now he has a hat on in every single video. Once he made a video with no hat, but he carefully angled the camera so it wouldn't show...
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    Rip Connor Murphey..................................

    yeah man I have seen a few of my old schoolmates now we are in our early thirties. Most of them look like sh*t, damn. I saw the kid who was one of the "cutest" in that all the girls fawned over him growing up. Well he is stumpy, NW4, chubby and looks like a 40 year old sad businessman. In just...
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    300 Days Nw6 To Nw1 Scientific Research

    SAW palmetto has the same sides finasteride has because it works in the same way - by inhibiting DHT. People say the exact same thing about it with regards to sides (personally I think SP is very weak and the people claiming sides are only claiming those sides because they read it on the Internet, but...
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    Who Are Some Of Your Bald Role Models?

    Yeah but Larry David does have his niche of playing guys who are, well I wouldn't call them "losers" but they are laughed at, or at the very least considered unfortunate people. And nothing says unfortunate like a Norwood 6 (i.e. he would be considered the exact opposite of say Tom Cruise in...
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    G-eazy Has Such A Good Hairline For A 30year Old

    Going bald before 18 takes especially bad genes. One of my friends was Norwood 6 at 30 years old and he had bad genes, tiny nose, bad red skin/cheeks, 5'4", very overweight, and we heard a very small penis. He had a great personality, easy to talk to, could have done stand up comedy and he...
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    Stephen Miller Trying To Hide Baldness Lol

    FUUUCK I just found out he only just turned 33!!!! I thought he was in his fifties!! that is some Brutal aging. How has he aged so badly? Is it just the male pattern baldness?
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    Future sustainable wig alternative?

    yeah it has been tried before. lots of tiny little implants, they fall out over time, plus if one gets infected it spreads to the rest and you lose your entire scalp, some of the after pictures i've seen looked like burn victims. the scalp just cannae take it man
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    Stephen Miller Trying To Hide Baldness Lol

    Yes there comes a time when you just do not have enough natural hair left for fibres to stick to. Toppik works best when you still have "fluff" i.e. lots of thin colourless hairs for it to stick to. Without that you are just daubing black talc powder onto a bare scalp. This guy perhaps made the...
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    There Truly Does Not Seem To Be Any Reason To Live With Extreme Hair Loss

    yeah I wasted my life by not having kids young, I didn't want kids when I was in my early 20's. Now I am 32 I want to have a wife, kids and a house instead of being a saddo living on my own, but as a Norwood 4.5 I can't get any women now. I don't want to settle for fatties (they all have bad...
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    Baldness At Young Age Of 19 In India

    well I have heard it can be rough for a young bald man in India, over here in the west you can shave your head and go with that look, which is accepted for a lot of young guys (even if on me my face is the wrong shape and it looks terrible) in India it's not so accepted to shave your head so you...
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    G-eazy Has Such A Good Hairline For A 30year Old

    i would say your avatar is a norwood 1.5, not straight like a norwood 1 but not quite a norwood 2 either
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    G-eazy Has Such A Good Hairline For A 30year Old

    yeah i have a friend like that, he is less than a NW1 probably a Norwood 0.5. but I think a NW1.5 actually looks better on grown men
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    Hair Loss Has Triggered Depression, I Hate It

    Damn did you end up getting married and having a family? I am 32 and my biggest fear is not finding a wife, not having a family and being alone in my old age. But on the other hand my friend is 33, very handsome and muscular (and Norwood 1) yet he stays single by choice, it's irritating seeing...