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    ChrisW1980uk's Story.

    As I explained over pm, I'm loathe to post pics, after them being used on another site. Still need to get another prescription sorted!
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    do women even like buzzcuts?

    Don't mention that name, I'll get flashbacks!
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    do women even like buzzcuts?

    How about I roll us all a big fat joint, crack open the beers etc? I could sure as heck use one or the other!
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    ChrisW1980uk's Story.

    Time for a bump, eek here goes... after not being able to get generic proscar from inhouse, I managed to get my GP to do a private prescription for it. All well and good, until her husband tragically died, and she went off work. I thought I'd take a break, and see what happened by me not taking...
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    do women even like buzzcuts?

    It does seem to have become an extension of bb misc section, and good old sluthate. I tried my best when I was modding to keep that in check, but it all got too much for me, and that's why I left. I felt I was doing more harm than good. I didn't want to make a big deal of leaving, and I regret...
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    do women even like buzzcuts?

    Wow, can't believe UCMan is coming under attack like this. I'm a fullhead as many of you know from the old days, but seriously? What happened to a little empathy? The guy doesn't have to explain every aspect of his life to strangers. What on earth is going on here??!
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    Reputation system

    It's because if you have a neg rep, you can't give "green" despite you voting a post helpful. I guess it's to give weight to the rep given by those with a higher rating. I'd suggest you just put posters you disagree with, on ignore.
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    Gay men and balding

    Ok guys, let me make this clear for anyone unsure, homophobia is a bannable offense, so Baldester has been banned, as have two of the puahate trolls. I had hoped that they might rein in some of their rhetoric. That was a mistake, as it appeared they were given a mandate for their "red pill"...
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    Think I have both AA and male pattern baldness.

    GO. SEE. A. SPECIALIST. Right locking this thread, and Ryukil, if you post another like this you will be banned yet again, and I will get the admin to IP block you. Simple enough?
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    Think I have both AA and male pattern baldness.

    Fred, he is desperate for it to be anything other than male pattern baldness. He is back on HLH doing the same. It's that much of a worry he still hasn't escalated it via his doctor? Go type Ryukil into Google, sadly he has severe issues, not least of which is giving out his real name via the linked pictures.
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    Think I have both AA and male pattern baldness.

    Ryukil, why are you still procrastinating and posting the same old stuff? It's very boring, as you have been spamming here and other hair loss forums for over six months. We couldn't provide the answers then, so why keep reposting? - - - Updated - - - Just go see a specialist, both about your hair...
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    Poor guy will be in for quite a surprise.. Delusional baldcels.

    No more casual (or otherwise) racism guys please. It isn't acceptable and will result in repercussions, which none of us want. Thanks guys!
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    To the guys who've conquered male pattern baldness!

    But isn't it the blocking of DHT that can potentially cause sexual sides? Not whether something is natural or man made.
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    18 years old and despaired

    No, give the finasteride a year, and then you know any success comes from that. It takes around a year to see results as hair cycles are slow. You're on a good regimen, and I think you will get some good results :)
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    20 years old girl, hair loss suddenly

    Emily, you need to post in the women's section, not the men's one. I have asked the admin to move this post to the correct part of the forum, so you don't have to rewrite it all.