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    Is it Possible to Safely Upregulate Wnt Signaling to Reverse Baldness?

    Rapamycin is kinda a miracle drug. Slows/reverses signs of aging in every animal model it has been tested on. Many health benefits, barely any side effects (only mouth sores) at a low dose
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    Has anyone tried create CosmeRNA? Affects Androgen Recptors

    Which stuff gave you regrowth and what side effects?
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    Vert as in verteporfin? what are you guys doing with that?
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    Researchers have rejuvenated a 53-year-old woman's skin cells so they are the equivalent of a 23-year-old's.

    Fwiw 17 a estradiol is non feminizing estrogen I believe You guys think this would actually work? It has also shown to extend lifespan in male mice
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    I think Gene Editing Therapy (CRISPR) could release a treatment/cure for Male Patterned Balding before Even Tsuji or Stemson and at a far cheaper pric

    Wouldn't be surprised if Elon just transplanted (stole) hair from someone else's head Tbh I'd do that. I'd bully some NW0 nerd into giving me his hair
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    Published in Nature: Weekly treatment with SAMiRNA targeting the androgen receptor ameliorates androgenetic alopecia

    If you combine it with finasteride can we expect some regrowth? I know nobody knows for sure, just speculating
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    Kintor has started Phase 3 trial in China for Pyrilutamide

    Did this dude really just translate that to spanish Atleast I know how to say Im gonna c*m next time a latina is running her hand through my luscious hair
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    Stemson is going to use minipigs in the next stage of their hair cloning research

    Getting cryonics right now is probably a bad idea because the cryoprotectant used is still not that great. However they are developing a new technique that involves helium persufflation and is supposed to be much better at preserving the body in a state that we can actually realistically bring...
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    Received feedback from HairClone on their situation

    So they are making existing thinning hairs (vellus hairs?) terminal hairs? Any idea if it's permanent or something you have to keep getting treatments for?
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    Received feedback from HairClone on their situation

    Wonder what she means by expensive in this context. Will it be more than a hair transplant? And not permanent right?