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    The Desire To Be 17 Again

    I'm not bringing it up for my own benefit. I can interpret the clinical studies and evidence just fine, well enough to know that any risk of marked side effects is under 1% when controlled for placebo. It's more for the lurkers and the skeptics. As you can see there are several hysterical...
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    The Desire To Be 17 Again

    Hey Agustin! Now that one month has elapsed, here is what I can say about finasteride in terms of the following, Positive changes regarding the condition of my hair and scalp: It still seems too early to say anything definitively but shedding has decreased, my hair feels less greasy and the...
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    Topical Spironolactone S5 Day Cream?

    -Got my S5 from this site, on the store -I was at uni in Australia when I had it shipped, if I recall correctly it was about $15 USD for shipping and one pot of S5 is $35 USD.
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    Cool Smoke's jokes

    16+ is legal in HK and for me I've never been one to adhere strictly to societal norms as long as I'm not at risk of being incarcerated. Just my 2 cents.
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    Cool Smoke's jokes

    Nah haha not at all I just thought Elliot Rodger's videos were funny (I don't condone his barbaric behaviour though). I can see why the guys on bodybuilding forum just thought he was a troll and wasn't being serious, he certainly comes across as someone who's just trying to imitate Patrick...
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    Cool Smoke's jokes

    Or better yet, you should've told him that you are the supreme gentleman
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    Cool Smoke's jokes

    What an AFC​!
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    Best dry shampoo to thicken hair?

    Hanz de Fuko Quicksand is a hybrid dry shampoo and styling wax. So you could certainly use this as your standalone styling product as well.
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    === FINASTERIDE === Norwood + Whats your Dose? :) Only finasteride Users please* As you can see in finasteride's DHT conversion inhibition curve, even 0.2 mg provides only 7% less inhibition compared to 1 mg. 0.7 mg will more than suffice. I just choose to take 1 mg because I can't be...
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    Cool Smoke's jokes

    Neckbeard confirmed ayy lmao! Aware. We're toasting in a roll bread
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    zzzzz's 1 year dutasteride results

    Literally just realised you're the same guy as BigAndJuicy on bodybuilding forums. I could tell by the progress pics. Congrats on the results brah. Mirin gains.
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    is it pointless to use dutasteride & finasteride together?

    Like Agustin said, it's redundant to take finasteride and dutasteride concomitantly. You're a bit off on the half-lives as well, finasteride's is about 6 hours and dutasteride's is anywhere from 3-5 weeks based on Avodart's package insert data from GSK. So much misinformation in one post...
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    Why things take so long?

    This is true. I went from 64 kg when I was 18 to being 74 kg now at 21, with only a modest increase in body fat percentage (~7% to ~9%). You can lift all you want but if you aren't at a 300-500 caloric surplus it will be difficult to gain muscle.
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    Did anybody else lose their mind when they started to lose their hair?

    Most definitely. Once it was apparent I was leaving NW1 and heading for NW2 just a few months ago, Androgenetic Alopecia pretty much became a vortex of anxiety for me to be drawn into. However, it was greatly ameliorated by my decision to start treatment with finasteride. Many people are in denial for quite a...
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    Does anyone know how saw palmetto work? Nope. Take a look at this chart, all it does is inhibit 0.5% more DHT than a 1 mg dose. Not 'bad for you' at all, simply just not worth it cost-benefit wise. Literally the only difference is a greater decrease...