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    QHI delivery time

    Do they send from the UK?
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    QHI delivery time

    Yep, you have to send them a disclaimer form by letter or fax before they process your first order.
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    QHI delivery time

    LOL, they write: "15 working days". Guess I'll have to wait.
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    QHI delivery time

    Short question guys: I've ordered from QHI a few weeks ago and I'm still waiting. How long did your order take to be delivered? Thanks, bis
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    porajj - (A Story of Love, Loss, More Loss, Some Love)

    Your hair looks OK to me. Try to keep that with your regimen and you're fine.
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    Minox_Baby's story - (Super thin hair at 27.)

    It's says that the body reacts in decreasing DHT-levels (induced by Finasteride for example) by becoming ultra-sensitive towards androgens (via receptor-upregulation). Hence, even the remaining DHT/androgens have an even stronger effect.
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    New 5A Inhibitors on the horizon

    If you're interested, here are some reductase inhbtors described:
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    ** MERc will not expand Patent confirmed **

    That's certainly correct because there would be no reason for a company not to extent a patent. I've one more question: Is the patent for Finasteride as a substance or do they hold "single" patents for the specific indications (BPH / male pattern baldness) ?
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    hairline growth/recession

    I think thylax was refering to your signature... Still, I can't see where it is said that it works best in early stages with frontal recession.
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    Anyone know about Citokin Extract/Pilosome by Lendan?

    Never heard of it so I can't say anything about that substance. Intuitively, I'd say that it does not work. Did he really say cytokines ? As far as I know, they are supposed to promote hairloss... bis
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    hairline growth/recession

    Would like to know how you came to this conclusion.
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    For bryan and Foote.

    Prolly a good idea to mention that Ockhams Razor is rather a heuristical method for generating hypotheses than a verification/falsification tool.
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    male pattern baldness and Blood type .. a poll

    It seems he tries to find a connection between male pattern baldness and blood types.
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    Promise on the hairline frontier

    Good luck, Deaner ! :wink:
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    important poll take part

    poll of the year award