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    How does it look when you begin to bald at the crown?

    Actually my hairline never filled in completely. But with a good hairstyle I'm able to cover my receding temples to the point where it's not noticeable. As for the hair on my crown, yes it did grow back much thicker and right now I'm just maintaining.
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    How does it look when you begin to bald at the crown?

    Here's my thread from 2013 but never updated it though. The only difference now is that I use 0.5mg finasteride everyday and 2ml minoxidil at night (1ml for the front and 1ml for the back) to cover my entire scalp. I would start...
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    How does it look when you begin to bald at the crown?

    It was a pretty simple regime. Regime: - Rogaine foam in the morning - 2ml Kirkland 5% minoxidil liquid at night - roughly 0.8mg of finasteride before bed (5mg proscar cut into sixths)
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    How does it look when you begin to bald at the crown?

    Looks like this. My crown was thin all the way to the front of my hairline.
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    1 year update

    1 year update - Success I just wanted to post my one year update. I started rogaine in 2012 since my hairline was receding at the temples. But I was never aware that I was losing hair on top until I took my first progress pic (I never had a chance to look at the top of my head :D). I don't...
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    Bald cure from the 1980's

    strong first post is strong
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    Question About Stiff Hair After Minoxidil Use

    sounds like you're using liquid minoxidil personally i use the foam in the morning. since it drys very quickly and doesn't leave your hair wet/greasy looking then use the liquid at night
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    Channing Tatum

    this or a very nice hair piece
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    When will minoxidil results be visable? (17 year old)

    as others mentioned i would apply twice a day. personally i use foam in the morning, since it only takes a couple minutes to dry and it doesn't make your hair greasy looking. as for the second application I use liquid minoxidil a couple hours before bed time. for me it took about 3 months...
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    Foam or Liquid

    I use foam in the morning (dries quicker and doesn't make my hair look greasy). Then apply liquid at night right before bed.
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    Finasteride question

    what sides have you been experiencing?
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    i cut mine into 6. i don't have the steadiest of hands, so cutting them into 8 resulted in very uneven pieces :D
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    seems legit ... links to studies?
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    30 yr old, is my hair thinning badly?

    yes, from those pics your hair is definitely receding since your hair is fairly long, try posting more pics of your hair when it's wet.