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    once thinning/receding hair begins, does it ever stop...

    For sure it does. Alot of guys out there head from a NW1 to a NW2 or 3 and stay there for many years... I know men who went to NW2 in their early 20's and kept it that way pretty much all the way through to their 50s
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    bababa's Story - (Aussie looking for advice)

    Re: bababa's story Thanks man. The general health of my hair is really good at the moment. However, I don't think I can let go of my hairline just yet. The uneveness just shits me, and the fact that it makes it harder to grow out. I'll keep you guys up-to-date with any changes to the regime...
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    Still losing more hair on front right, normal?

    I'd wait longer than 2 months to judge it's effectiveness. Hairlines are wacky things. I have lost a little more on my right side than my left, buy since I've been on finasteride (16 months now), I have seen no extra loss, but no extra gains (the overall quality of my hair is alot better though!). Give...
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    bababa's Story - (Aussie looking for advice)

    Re: bababa's story Howdy all... been about 4 months since my last update. Exam procrastination means I have the time and energy to take photos of my hair... Things I've noticed lately; Overall hair quality very good - I have been keeping my hair pretty short these days Hairline - no regrowth...
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    Best hair I have ever seen:

    I think you'll be surprised about travelling along. For me personally, it's been my greatest and quickest phase of maturing and growth. You are on your own in terms of familiarity, but at the same time there are always really interesting people to meet and enjoy time with. The most interesting...
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    Hairloss and denial

    Acceptance is key... We're not all blessed with great hair, just like we may not all be blessed with great height, or good looks, or a big dick etc... At least now you can accept the fact that there are things out there that can stop, and to a degree, reverse what has happened non surgically...
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    Question about washing my hair.

    Hey buddy. I tend to wash my hair daily when I have it short, but less frequently as it gets longer, otherwise it just turns to a big fluffy mess. One thing you could do is check out natural shampoos and conditions that don't contain harmful petrochemicals like SLS. Stuff like that (In all...
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    Seasonal/Rogaine Shed

    The seasons definitely affect hair sheds. I always shed a bit in Spring (which it is down here in the southern hemisphere). Getting rid of my winter coat to get ready for the long hot summer.
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    how bad is this (pics)

    Yeah, your hair looks perfectly normal for a 17 year old.... I think some of you boys are on this forum far too much.
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    More than a year later

    It would seem for alot of people on the finasteride that it's a shed, regrowth, shed, regrowth... etc for the first year or 2. I was constantly in and out for 10months, but since then (I've been 15 months now) it's stabilized considerably. Just ride it out, everyones chemistry is different. As long as...
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    10 years on Finasteride and Minoxidil.

    sh*t that's expensive!!! I'm a fellow aussie who was almost conned into a $140 2 month supply from Ashley and Martin. What a f*****g rip-off. You should look into Rogaine Foam. I've been looking into it for a while now. Probably hold off till I'm 24 or 25 due to my minor hairloss. Could be...
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    10 years on Finasteride and Minoxidil.

    Hey Aussiedave... Just a quick observation. Your on Min 8% with Retin-A. That sounds like that stuff AM sell. Man you must be paying a fortune if that's the case!
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    rogaine foam in AU

    Haven't seen it in any pharmacies? who knows when it will arrive? I think your best bet is ebay bro.
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    Davids story, with pics - (18 and receded)

    Your crown looks pretty normal bro. Good to see your catching it early. Go see a dermo and they'll put you on the right path. Peace...
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    CHL24's Story - (Age 24, pics included) *Updated*

    Hey man. Still haven't taken the plunge. I just got back from a trip to Europe and the funds are lacking. Plus I cut my hair really short. Since then it's been really hard to tell I've started to recede. I'm just gonna stick with the current regime at the moment till I start earning some cash...