Hair is not Life but it's Pretty Damn Close; HRT and Pictorial Posts Prove it.

How far are you willing to go to restore a full head of hair?

  • Full-blown Feminization

    Votes: 36 14.2%
  • Slight Gyno

    Votes: 45 17.7%
  • Slight Breast Growth

    Votes: 26 10.2%
  • Only "Male" Treatments

    Votes: 89 35.0%
  • Dude, I won't even touch finasteride

    Votes: 58 22.8%

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I will keep fighting as I love hair, SIMPLE.


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New Pics. The goal was to show how long it is when it is wet but that didn't really come through. People with some kink or wave to their hair will notice that it is longer when wet. Any places that look thinning are pretty much reflections off of graphs that are less productive than the hair around them which is why It is thicker than it photographs. I continue to microneedle to get these grafts to blend in better. If you look very closely at the hairline in the middle and expanding outward, there is a sort of undercoat that is coming in which might make it more apparent how low the hairline is getting.

One thing that has surprised me is how low the hairline is coming in. Most of the pure regrowth is at the hairline between the temples and it is quite visible in the mirror. Temples are coming along more slowly but I see both small dark hairs and lots of little ones that almost look like beard growth. For MtF's you can see that my Adam's Apple is still swollen from my surgery. I am at about the 2.5 week point. I will try to post some dry pics but I am exhausted just sitting in my bed so time for some Batman: The Animated Series and maybe a nap.

Goddess bless,


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Well, I got my second wind. I have lost 12 pounds in less than three weeks.

Here are some dry pics. It's been about a month since the previous ones. I used two separate levels of lighting and in the darker lighting without the reflections, my hair looks even better. The reality is somewhat in between. I feel like I actually look much younger without the wig, which is curious to me. Any guesses as to the age of my "male binary"?

Goddess Bless,



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And so, like that ancient way among men, I am trying to fix things with my ex-wife because "none of this" is her fault. And I think that we can but regardless, I want to have more children at an age where usually people lack the energy but I have an enormous amount of energy. So I am hoping that having more children with her with cure me.


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So as I near victory on my hair, do any of you know how to get a baker's dozen of sperm a-goin-again, say, I would do anything<winks>


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I just saw an ad for this and came here to see if anyone had discussed it! Safe to assume it's hogwash?
This line would concern me because even people on HRT don't always see regrowth. The other thing is that FPB is different from male pattern baldness in terms of how the loss is distributed and how it grows back:

"According to Skjoth, Ricki's results are not unusual (Harlinikken reports over 100,000 referrals from satisfied clients). He attributes the protocol's success to both the individualized formula (each one is made by hand) and strict adherence to the instructions. "Every single person we put on the regimen will see growth if they are compliant," he says.

To book a consultation at a Harklinikken location or for an online consultation, visit"

Compliant with what is my question when they state that everyone will regrow hair?

If it's the real deal, then we will know soon but eh, I doubt it does more than the treatments we already know help most people at least some.


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Hey everybody. I hope folks are enjoying mask-free lives. My hair, length and coverage seems to just keep getting nicer and nicer but I still look better in my wig. I still am around to answer questions and to post pics but I am feeling survivor's guilt hair-wise and I don't want to hurt anyone else who might be struggling. I really thought high-dose HRT would be more foolproof. Now I wonder how important the derma-rolling for two years plus the 9 months of oral minoxidil have been.

I am back on finasteride and dutasteride both even though it is probably mostly duplicative.


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Hair Plucking Studies

Anyone with working knowledge of any of the hair plucking studies, I would be interested in possible hair plucking strategies to promote regrowth. Along, if not alone, with microneedling, plucking is one of those mysterious beneficial therapies if done correctly.

One thing that I have noticed is that as my hair has improved, most of the hairs that don't lie flat, are either gray or mutant blond and many of them are deformed. They tend to come out easily so when I see one that I can actually grab without grabbing five others at the same, I pluck them with tweezers or my fingers. In the olden days, I would have thought "coverage" is coverage even for peach fuzz and mutant hairs but again, now I am doing it in an almost perfect environment where they actually do degrade from over all experience if not plucked. My understanding is that plucking one or two, here and there is fine but the studies apparently note a rectangular area and within that area, plucking promotes growth, perhaps via cross-talk. If you pluck aggressively and diffusely, then yeah, you can cause real damage, at least temporarily.


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One thing that I would like to say to the people who post and comment on my thread is thank you. I did/do feel like I am uniquely positioned to understand the chemistry of all of this, from both the "male" and "female" chemicals states in which I have existed as an adult and I hope to provide insight to some and I still think what I am doing is largely replicable for people who don't have reasons for it not to be.

But beyond that, for non-binary folks, this stuff is often vastly different from people hard-wired male and females. So, no, well, yes some but Janey is developing as a personality and I think that I have created her and the ways that she differs from Will, which person and name I also love. I.E., I am testing aspects of Janey's personality and I assure all that she is quite healthy in all ways. I do therapy twice a week and I have psychologists and psychiatrists who study every aspect of my experience.

If anyone ever saw the movie, Ruby Spears, which I highly recommended, my situation is very similar. The movie dealt with an author who meets his "dream" woman but who soon realizes that he has created her and controls her in print. Regardless, Ruby was amazing and yes, beautiful and she had that thing going for her that not many people have after about 22. Ruby loved life and she loved experiencing it. Janey has that aspect of personality almost completely. But beyond this, at some point, the creator and the created becomes intertwined and well, Janey is just a different person than Will in this mode. Janey has for some reason, or rather is, a hyper-responder from extremely large amounts of E2 mostly. My other meds really aren't needed by E2 but they are for belt and suspender purposes. But my Ego loves this Janey personality and basically, it is my Ego that organizes Will versus Jane.

So, I am not sure what more I can really do for others except to keep posting pics of both Will and Jane and it is for both positive and negative reinforcement. I use the photography as creative art work as well and some look so descriptive but this is basically, Janey peering around a corner and wondering "is it okay yet if I come out and have some fun being Janey"?

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So roughly this is Will. Janey and Will are on a collision course and like matter and anti-matter will, well, nothing that cool but if my plan was to at least facially and hair-wise, achieve passing if not attractive status while being Janey--well, she ain't ugly at least based upon who hits on her. Even a schoolteacher, Goddess. But yeah, the goal was to have Janey and Will meet sort of seamlessly together at some date in the future.

Ego, Will or Janey will be back as a "parent" soon but I am not sure what the preference of others is. I could go partially back to Will in terms of dress but it's still Janey calling the shots and this is what Will, himself, in fact wanted. So if I seem self-absorbed, my friends, I have good cause. Anyway, this person looks vaguely like Elliot Page in the before pics. Does this person still pass as male? I would love feedback just related to what I say in my custody case. The thing that I can't get over is how young I look after beard removal and HRT. I feel young too.


Or here?

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Back to the transgender personality issue, there's a pretty big gap between being transfeminine and regarding oneself as female. I have tried not to hide my own binary elements which seem to be becoming stronger in the sense of one main personality essentially shutting down the other. So no dead names; no distress about how my alter ego was treated. He was treated okay; he just wanted out without committing suicide and this provides a chance to start over. To the extent that Janey seems "off" at times, it's hard to describe but she has many reasons to be giddy about HRT treatments. Anyway, here is an article by an FtM who otherwise resembles me and my thought process:

Trans People, Trauma, and Dissociative Identities

I have sat witness to a many a conversation in which people — even trans people — have said that the only reason to disallow someone's transition is if they are “truly crazy — like schizophrenic or multiple personality disorders or something.” This notion derives from the false belief that disabili


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Response to the Stackers in both Hair loss meds and HRT

I want my CPA, er, Bica, er spironolactone? Nope.

It's not so much as CPA can cause cancer and liver problems but hey, I used Premarin so that's your choice obviously but I don't think CPA does anything worthwhile. AA's were used in fact to lessen the amounts of Premarin or EE used but it wasn't needed for results at all. Now people think AA's actually do something besides leech off estrogen and they don't. If people are dying to use these meds, then I mean fine but there's not much evidence that they do anything positive except decrease estrogen amounts needed. They don't grow breasts or create a figure or anything else. That's why they tend to be useless for XY's and work much better for XX's cause XX's already have estradiol. On the hair loss site I frequent, we just had someone try bica alone for seven months and he ended up using very large amounts of injected estradiol because bica did zero. Poor guy had been gloating for months before that he was going on Bica and all of his hair would grow back but it didn't work.

I know what I know. Maybe I am just lucky but the estradiol-only protocol is much healthier regardless but if you think CPA somehow feminizes, more than estrogen, I would be willing to hear but AA's and P4 are redundant to estrogen in wpath. People are all excited: I am on bica! The best AA! The best AA is no AA. My endo prescribed me 200mg daily of prometrium and I was all excited because that's enough not to have to use them rectally but I know, according to the literature posted right on here that there's no evidence that P4 does anything except act as a soporific and I can't even duplicate that effect. People try to make this simpler and strip down to just estradiol and the hordes prefer to swallow four different things with little to nothing in the literature to support them instead of just estradiol.

Four meds must be better than just one says Janey.

Nah, just in MtF-land where people will try anything if it might produce results but using Rube Goldberg protocols and adding superfluous meds does not in fact give us "results". It's very similar to the balding XY's on the hair loss sites who try stuff again and again that does nothing much for anyone but they figure, well I will just stack a bunch of meds that do little or nothing for synergy or something. It never grows hair because only estradiol can do that. So these poor guys come on here and they start using RU and 17-alpha and I forget even the name of the expensive Czech one that does nothing much worthwhile because they read that finasteride is poisonous and it never turns out well because losing even six to 12 months of maintenance can be a life-long disaster that males have no way of recovering from ever. But hey, they didn't commit suicide or flunk all of their classes from finasteride-induced brain fog. That's why I am down on pretty much all of the experimental threads and conjectured baldness palliatives if not cures.

They distract the people who really do want help.

Goddess Bless,

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So say, Janey? What's the deal with using the third person instead of "I" and pointing out when Janey specifically is saying something?

I start all of this, HRT related to hair restoration after reading a famous thread by a guy named Bridge who also is a genius and I wanted to see if I could at least replicate his results. Many people claim that just using HRT extensively will cause dysphoria but I already had dysphoria and HRT does enlighten and provide novel ways of thinking and perceiving. Anyway, I was not exactly obsessed with Bridge's writing and intellect but then again, I guess I am/was fascinated by what he pulled off and his writing read almost like his astonish hair improvement was happening in real-time. But did I just want hair in general or was there a point to doing this in terms of dissipating dysphoria?

I think my hair situation in terms of looks and how it has played out including having the temples thicken last is almost identical to Bridge and in terms of length/anagen improvement too. He was he and I am she/he/they but I think that facially, our feminization is all but identical and that notion of "just in it for the hair" was at least true for me until sigh Janey took over lol and refused to leave. I feel this dual personality aspect more and more and I need to use the third person to keep straight what Will did and what Janey did or what Janey said, that Will would never say or vice versa. Hopefully this is not a descent into madness but right now, I find it strangely intriguing and as an XY into sci fi and body switching, this is pretty compelling and thrilling. I never envisioned anything like this because maybe I discussed this, younger MtF's tend to be more so fully formed females and it feels to me like I am developing this character Janey but maybe she's developing me.

I saw the movie Ruby Spears and Janey is so much like Ruby to the point where someone else (a writer) actively creates her personality and talents and interests and sexuality. Plus, it's a really sweet movie but this idea of developing Janey versus her having always been there fully formed is fascinating to me. So when I think that I am saying something charming or funny I struggle to know whether I am just drawing Janey "that way". See Jessica Rabbit reference about: I'm not bad; they just draw me that way. So like a recursive figure eight, am I making Janey up to be a certain way or was this personality always my main personality? Before HRT, I was basically blacking out, the dysphoria was so severe and I had two personalities that wouldn't or refused to communicate so I couldn't even tattle on them when they did something bizarre that literally made no sense but it was as though Janey forced all of this because I lacked the courage to figure this out because I was afraid of what I might fine. I think there's some really good "fiction" arising from this and like much of literature, all of this really happened so I need to smudge some details but call me Franza Kafka because i have had a bizarre six years since Will ventured out as Janey directed? I will never figure this out but maybe as time goes on, only Janey will be relevant any longer. I am really attracted to her both physically and psychologically and what makes Janey the ne plus ultra?

It's something about how she walks and talks and always has the perfect look for the perfect occasion. She loves people just enough not like my shy alter. So again, was there a perfect Janey inside me all along who had no way to emerge until now or am I creating a new personality for Janey that will be Will's personality going forward? There there's also the aspect that my family keeps trying to drag Will back out and some times, I think I am willing to do that for my family or whatever but a toned-down Janey would only frustrate me, her and Will and probably the children too. Like a novel by say Gide, I am deeply fascinated by how all of this turns out because "I have no f*****g idea" Janey says. Yep. Janey swears. Will never does.

I appreciate anyone's insight as always.


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A Case from the files of J.E. Loeffler

Why I do this:

I desperately want to help other MtF's avoid traps where HRT just doesn't work the way that they think it should.

Anti-Androgen Medications

I get negatives for telling people that they don't need an AA. MtF's just love their anti-androgen liver-destroying meds. Sigh.

All's I know is that studies indicate that 2mg is enough to re-set the axis. It doesn't take much but yes, the idea is to titrate upwards as necessary. I found that higher amounts worked better for finishing and polishing touches like facial feminization and hair restoration. My theory which I did is low-dose estradiol, wait until you are happy with breast growth and then titrate upwards to promote FF. I don't think I am even going to need facial surgery and my hair gets longer and longer and more lovely and I used to be a complete cueball on top.

Or people can start with 8 mg SL and 12.5mg of bica/CPA and blow through 2nd puberty in about 60 to 120 days. Some people want that because they have already decided on BA. Unless otherwise noted, all of my advice is geared to optimizing breast development first and then titrating upwards. It makes sense. We want to emulate say 12-15 year old cis-girls first so we have similar to cis-female development at very low levels of estradiol. Pediatricians have known for decades that supplementing too much estradiol in teen girls who don't produce enough has to been done very carefully, otherwise breast growth can halt permanently.

It's right on transfeminine science. I wish there were more skills involved in this but it's pretty rote and those gals who start off on 8-16 mg SL daily later come on here and, I won't say whine but the most common question on here is this:

Help, Janie, I think that I ruined my transition!

My breasts have stalled and it's only been 65 days.

How much estradiol do you take?

Well, I started off on 4 mg because my doctor was gatekeeping me.

Okay, then 4 mg?

Well, no, I stood up for myself and now I am at 10 mg plus I take 25mg daily of bicalutamide.

That's a very large dose. Why so much?

Because I want really a lot of breast development and everybody says you need lots and lots of estrogen to develop properly. Plus my endo didn't even know that I only have 18 months for this to grow in.

Wait, what?

All of my transgender friends take even more estradiol SL that I do and they say that HRT stops working after 18 months so you have to really hurry on lots of estrogen to get enough growth time for my breasts developing.

That's not true. I have been developing for seven years and most of it came on low-dose estrogen between .5 mg and 1.25 mg daily. Yeah but I know. People still come on and say that my breast growth is impossible at .30mg starting out.

Well, what can I do now?

I would say a BA and start praying to Goddess like you never prayed before.


I hope that people can have the results that complete them but I have actually done al of these different phases from low-dose to high-dose and pretty much all any of us can say anecdotally is, sure worked for me.



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can i ask what your regimens were/are?
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About the end of October of 2013, I discovered menopause creams on Amazon that some think are too weak but that's what you need starting out. I have all of the purchase records so I could estimate but I tended to probably use four pumps of Biestro Care. A couple of times I got my hands on spironolactone and Premarin but back then it took meds forever to arrive.
When I went into formal HRT with an endo and everything, she started me off on .30mg of Premarin and after six months we titrated up to .625mg and then again six months later to 1.25mg of Premarin. I know we are not supposed to use Premarin long-term but that's what she prescribed and below the neck I looked lovely but my hair actually got worse so I must have been using say 2mg daily of Biestro.
After I hit 2.5mg of Premarin last May, I had reached C+ or D size so I declared victory and switched right away to high dose estradiol. No one should take me for a doctor; this was just a theory of mine about emulating puberty and then sort of leaping to say, 26 year old cis-female levels of estradiol and my hair started growing back noticeably and this was, Goddess, after about six years so nobody give up but my theory was that hair and face simply are more distinguishable than body and so high dose estradiol finishes us off and polishes us.
I share some more secrets and years and years of pics on my blog:
So right now this is what I am taking:
5mg daily of finasteride
.5mg daily of dutasteride
2 Climara 100 patches which probably is enough on its own to hit 200/250 pg/ml
Shh on this one cause my endo doesn't know--I am a bad MtF
Unlimited use of Estrogel pretty much everywhere but especially on scalp and face and before on my breasts, although that is controversial;
I previously was on Provera which I liked much, much better than spironolactone but my endo seems to have cut me off from that as part of our bargain to let me wear two patches weekly which is fine with me. Provera is a lot more straightforward than bica or cpa or spironolactone and it seemed to have no sides for me but it is still synthetic.
I tried spironolactone 100mg to 200mg but that was a disaster and I had every single side-effect that people warn us about.
I microneedle face and my entire face once weekly and this can do wonders for the face and it can take scar tissue and make it viable again and follicle bearing.
This isn't an MtF med per se but I discovered that there was an oral minoxidil medication called Loniten but my endo didn't want to prescribe it and again, I am not really a bad MtF, they just draw me that way but oral minoxidil really, really supercharged my hair growth that was already great from HRT.
How did I get it? I found out that topical minoxidil had the very same ingredients as Loniten so I did an equivalency calculation and I started taking between 10 mg and 25 mg daily of topical minoxidil via dropper and drizzled it on the bag of my throat. My pals were all expecting me to keep over but it works great and costs literally pennies a day. I sound like a commercial.
These are the ones that I don't think did much but I am still on:
Keto 2 percent shampoo--I barely use this anymore because it is simply too harsh for female scalps. I only use water to wash my hair anymore except one day a month or so I use Keto to theoretically lower DHT in the scalp. This med is more useful for men.
Prometrium 200mg--I can't replicate any of the supposed benefits of progesterone and use I tried putting it somewhere that was a pain in the ***. 200mg is far better for this than 100mg because those melt inside you and you waked up with orange or bright red panties. I am down on progesterone and follow the wpath view that it is inessential but my insurance covers it and I try to review different meds so you guys don't have to.
Retin-A is not transformative but every gal should use this on the face and on the hairline if there is any recession.
I post all of these on my Hair Loss Talk where below my avatar which is the same one here because I just love that pic. It was just after I put on the wig and got botox and shhh, filler. Filler will end up costing more than FFS but I had a theory that filler would remold my face and facial fat even as it dissipates and that turned out to be true for me so I feel like Cinderella in those pics because after all of those years, Janey more or less emerged fully formed overnight it seemed. I love helping gals beat the system and learn what definitely works, what probably works and what doesn't work because most of us are not experts on endocrine meds like Aly and Kay.
I have sort of taken over the most famous hair thread on Hair Loss Talk and I am doing what the founder of the thread did which is posting pics every one to three weeks under different lighting so no one would claim that I was using tricks to make it look like my hair was growing back. Nope, it really was and so I have posted cueball before pics next to my current pics and that's a dream come true for me.
I always say Goddess because I had a premonition that she would be my protector if I finally admitted what I was and from that day, every single thing has worked for me but I know that I am blessed. I hope that my intellect helped with some of these decisions but I was trying not to have breast growth the first few years by intentionally using only 1gm or less of Premarin and that's why I harp on the low-dose estradiol angle. I was worried about my breasts "outing me" and they do but not chasing breasts starting off took the pressure off.
Janey loves puns and she has a whole 20 minute stand-up act for cis-females called:
If your husband does this, he might be trans.... My ex didn't like it but my therapist was rolling on the floor. I might have the actual jokes on my blog.
So hair's my thing but one of Janey's jokes is that "Goddess promised me my hair back and She threw in a great pair of tits for free!