Do You Think Justin Bieber Is Balding? (pics)


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Yeah she's going. And he's only 25. I'm sure he won't let it go bald, but he's entering shaky ground.


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Fucked would be a strong word.. gorgeous wife, millions in the bank. I’d take it.

Those are the upsides. The downsides are drug use, mental health issues, and divorce before long with her stealing half his money.

His hair is mysterious. His widows peak is quite pronounced here compared to a few years ago (but still looks fairly normal on the grand scale of things). Somehow when he shaves his head/has less hair volume - his hairline looks more straight.


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He has tons of product in his hair normally. Also, with photoshoots, he would have a stylist put in tons of hair fibres to hide bald spots. He is 100% badly receding. I give it another 3 to 5 years, and he will have to shave his head.


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Here he is in his latest video clip. The best look at his hair in the past 6 months. Seems like some creativity is being used at the temples - Question for those with experience - is it possible that he's on the best regime and still diffusing and receding? Or would hair loss like this only happen if someone quits using medication? Seems like very visible loss compared to when he had almost shoulder-length hair a year ago.

Falling...Is this picture a perfect foreshadowing for Bieber's hair? So mysterious, still has volume and most of his hairline but definitely ever-changing.