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    Re: 9 Months on Big 3 - 2.6 YEARS UPDATE Page 5

    same here, Man In Space. I have that U shaped hairline too. Strong at the very front middle, but it's worthless if there is not much to the sides of it. You just can't do much with that.
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    Is Taking Propecia a Sign of Vanity?

    Life's too short to care about how you may be perceived. After all, everyone else is just as guilty with their own little self-perceptions. Nothing like this really matters. You want to look good? So be it, you arent hurting anybody and you are making yourself happier with your self-image.
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    My story - plz read if you are considering minoxidil / finasteride

    Rogaine 2x a day WILL NOT ALWAYS cause a massive shed. It didn't for me. Are you sure your boner isn't 89% normal instead of 90% normal? It could be 91% normal.
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    Big 3 success hairline/crown

    Ill have to buy a charger for my camera so I can snap some HQ pics. *UPDATE* Almost at 9 mos on Proscar and 5 or 6 months on minoxidil. Got new terminal hair coming in along the hairline and it continues to thicken! The most amazing thing is a brand new 1 inch long terminal hair that popped up...
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    23 y/o, NW3, Advice sought

    There is the highest probability that finasteride will NOT mess up your health. Get on finasteride.
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    Frontal hair loss and Minoxidil

    QuantumCat you are mistaken for with your thinking that a follicle dies. I have been on finasteride for 8 mos and minoxidil for 5 months and I apply it to the hairline and forehead. It's kicked into high gear now and a lot of the longer vellus fuzz that was grown and sitting there for months, well...
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    Big 3 success hairline/crown

    I'm 37 and been slowly losing from crown/hairline since early 20's. hair appeared thicker and darker at 2 mos, and its been getting better ever since. So I'm currently near 8 mos on pros car and nizoral 1% every day or two. Been applying 5% generic foam twice daily for 4 mos. hair is darker and...
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    Please sway my wavering mind ...

    stay bald if you want ya slack-jaws. Why are you so worried about being horny and your sperm count? I say, GOOD! We could use a few less people in the world and some people SHOULD NOT be spreading their seed. You don't need to get any ***. Join the priesthood instead.
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    2 to 3 month finasteride responders

    Just wondering for those that noticed improvement at 2 to 3 months on finasteride, how things went for the next few years. You are known as 'good' responders, so just how good did it end up?
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    My results 7 months into 1.25-2.50mg finasteride UPDATE 5/12

    You seem to jump to conclusions. I doubt Nizoral is making your hair thin.
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    coarse transplanted hair?

    Is the transplanted hair more coarse than your natural hairline? It seems like it's harder to style the coarser, thicker hair and it seems like pics of every hair transplant makes the hair in the front on the hairline seem to only be able to go straight up. A natural spiked hair look. Does it lay flat and...
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    Biting instead of cutting Proscar pills

    I bite the pill into 1/4ths. No efficacy problems that Im aware of. Had success with Proscar 2 months in. At 4 months hair is looking great and its onward and upward for me.
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    Any reason to get excited??

    Actually, I have been on 5% minoxidil for a month now and adding it to the temples and hairline. So.. Big 3 is what I'm doing. All you ever hear about from these younger guys is "man I'm glad I caught it early before the follicle died!" but then you realize that alot of them don't really know what...
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    Any reason to get excited??

    I'm 36 years old and have been very slowly balding since I was 19 or so. Im about a Norwood 4 I'd guess. Strong tuft of hair in the front, but thin hair all over. Receded temples and big bald/thin area at crown that has retained vellous hairs all these years, not really slick. I've had no sides...
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    Any reason to get excited??

    Have been on finasteride and nizoral for nearly 4 months so far. About 2 months in my hair started getting darker and thicker and my temples and hairline sprouted new vellous hairs. The crown is thickening up with nice long colorless blonde hairs as well. Thing I noticed though is that about half an inch...