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    Receding Hairline? (19yo)

    Mature hairline. Your just as likely to bald further as a nw1 is. If you have old family photos look at what relitives your mature hairline most closely resembles this will be your future path
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    I can see my scalp when I put my hair up, Is my hair thinning at the front?

    2 possible things are happening. 1) it’s your natural hairline. Most hairlines do have a transition period where your scalp meets your hair and the hair gradually gets thicker. 2) you are developing a mature hairline. Given your family history and the very little thinning (if that’s even what it...
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    21 Receeding hairline/Balding started Finasteride 2 months ago

    Zayn Maliks hairline is not an example of what the avg juvenile hairline looks like. His is much lower.
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    Losing my hair at 17 pls help

    No balding yet. People that say you are heading to a nw3 are idiots - do they think hair just falls out lol. No thinning beyond the leading edge in your photos provided so no reason to think your pattern is progressing at this current time. Come back when you begin to notice thinning
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    Mature Hairline Or male pattern baldness, Advice Desperately Needed.

    Mature hairlines are a very real phenomenon . 95% of males get a mature hairline and it’s a term recognised by dermatologists. A mature hairline shows you are prone to male pattern baldness but it shouldn’t move for at least a decade once settled. You have to remember where your posting, a...
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    Mature Hairline Or male pattern baldness, Advice Desperately Needed.

    That’s what happens when a hairline matures, you recede a short distance from your juvenile hairline to get your adult hairline. You have receeded yes but most people have by your age and it doesn’t mean it will progress - in fact I’m fairly sure it won’t
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    Mature Hairline Or male pattern baldness, Advice Desperately Needed.

    You have developed a mature hairline, like most other adults your age
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    I am balding at the age of 19 fml

    Clearly never heard of the term ‘maturing hairline’
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    Norwood 2? 2.5?

    By the way for future reference, there is no use looking at those from your family history whose pattern you don’t follow i.e. your maternal grandfather. Only look at people with a similar hairline to you or worst to see what your possible end point may be
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    Norwood 2? 2.5?

    Your thinning, like you said, is limited to your leading edge. Given your family history and lack of thinning further into the scalp I think your safe I.e. hairline is maturing. If your hairline previously settled then started thinning again I’d begin to worry but from what I can see your...
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    Update on hair - male 23 opinions welcomed

    Even more certain it’s a mature hairline now your good bro
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    Update on hair - male 23 opinions welcomed

    I can see some miniaturisation at your hairline but nowhere else so id say maturing for the moment
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    Thinning or just a mature hair line? let me know :)

    Couldn’t have said it better if I tried
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    Please tell me how fucked i am? Where am i on norwood?

    Incorrect. Maturing and male pattern baldness are the same process. Hence, with a mature hairline you notice thinning to a certain point, typically about 1.5cm from your juvenile hairline. Everyone’s hair looked like his at one stage but yours just progressed past what would be considered mature.