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    Just got a shock after using hairdryer … crown thinning , cows lick or what on earth ???

    Crown looks fine. Generally when ones balding from the crown the hair there is really thin. You have perfectly thick hair with a large cowlick
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    any long term finasteride users out there??

    Why would people with success on finasteride for that long still be on this forum, unless their incredibly sad. Generally, the less aggressive your hair loss the longer finasteride will work for you. However, it also boils down to if your losing your hair due to high DHT or highly sensitive follicles. If it’s...
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    Is this scalp exposure indicative of balding

    Nope everyone has that when they style their hair using product. Stay away from this forum it’s full of sad people
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    20 y/o - receding hairline or am i going mad??

    Look to be developing a mature hairline, completely normal at your age. Thinning, if there is any present at all, dosent extend far enough back to suggest that it will progress past ‘mature hairline’ status. Tbh I don’t even think your thinning at the front everyone has a transition period of...
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    Mature Hairline Or male pattern baldness, Advice Desperately Needed.

    I explained it in an earlier comment. You have slight recession yes, balding absolutely not. If you were balding you would notice thinning hair at the hairline and this would taper off further into your hair. Your hair is very thick and your hairline is clean cut.
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    My Hairline Progress Pics and Regimen

    That, my friend, is a mature hairline. No signs of thinning past the leading edge. Hairline hasn’t changed
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    How frequently do you ejaculate, honestly ?

    Your a genius! Your the first person ever that has tried to make this link between masturbation and hairloss. This myth has definitely never been studied by any medical professionals before!
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    How frequently do you ejaculate, honestly ?

    You have a lot to learn young padawon.
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    How frequently do you ejaculate, honestly ?

    Many stupid posts on this forum, but this has got to be top. Whoever thinks balding is caused by masturbation probably can’t even spell their own name
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    Any chance this isn't a receeding hairline?

    Yes, so would every other male’s hairline if they combed that area of hair up. Get off this forum before these melons start convincing you to start treatment
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    What's the deal with Full cap wigs - Why Not?

    Would you rather I called them females?
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    Update been on Dutasteride for 1.5 years

    Have a look at my hairline on my profile lol. Textbook mature hairline just like yours. Mongs like yourself seem to think temple recession = gonna go full nw7. Honestly mate, do yourself a favour, read up on the facts go and speak to a hairloss surgeon and get the f*** off dutasteride.
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    What's the deal with Full cap wigs - Why Not?

    Girls find wigs far more repulsive than a bald head lol
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    Update been on Dutasteride for 1.5 years

    This f*****g idiot thinks drugs have saved his hairline . What a melon no hairloss in the first place