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    Sad video about being bald vs having hair

    You need everything not just headshape, hunter eye area, great jawline, compact midface etc
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    Sad video about being bald vs having hair

    If you look like freddie Ljungberg you dont get treated differently
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    Hair loss made me want to change career paths

    Most chefs dont wear hats its not 1980 and i can tell with your weak mentality you wouldn't last 1 day in a professional kitchen anyway.
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    Shaving Head Is The Worst Advice.dont Give It

    What planet are you living on? You could line up 1000 women and 999 would chose stratham. The other guy is 4/4.5 stratham is a solid 7.5/8 even without hair.
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    How often do all of you take Dutasteride?

    Mon wed and fri is fine. Its strong stuff.
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    Ok..truth time! these drugs...just skip them

    I dont get side effects and have kept my hair, id be walking around with a nw6 now without dutasteride, and sexually invisable to women. Dont try and tell me career work out beard bla bla bla for some men being bald is not an option.
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    Hairloss Prevention While On Steroids

    Possibly, but you need to be low bodyfat in the first place to look vascular.
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    Will Natural Ways To Get Six Pack Works?

    Calories in v calories out.Dont need to watch any silly vids.
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    Help. My Crown/scalp Seems To Have Thinned A Lot When I Brush Back My Hair.

    Full head of hair, stop worrying my fellow spurs bro
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    How To Live A Happy Life As An Unattractive Man?

    This feels better than sex to me.
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    Hairloss Prevention While On Steroids

    Very low dose arimidex has been ok for me hair wise.
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    Hairloss Prevention While On Steroids

    I just take cialis as a precaution because finasteride and dutasteride inhibit nitric oxide. I havent noticed a change in livido honestly. I tried aromasin and got bad shedding with it but arimidex 0.5 mg twice a week dosnt hurt my hair.