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    The coping is over for me i've given up dating in my country

    If you think you are alone now, wait until you wear a wig and realise you are a prisoner to your own mind set. For those who already have anxiety it will make it even worse as you cannot have an off day when you wear. Everyday has to be a perfect day which is unrealistic. And when you meet a...
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    Something I've realized: Most people dont go bald.

    The passages and insight i provide remain somewhat valid even to this present day. Especially in the dating world which largely involves being judged on your photos online. With exception to a few niche baldos that manage to secure the payload in person. The demographic that does well for the...
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    Tell Yourself A Different Story... ...

    If you can manage your locks without becoming a chemically castrated eunuch, then your already a step ahead of most. Seeing how most guys dont treat or react quickly enough on this matter. Most are misinformed and are mislead by there first google search on a bad review. Dismissing the millions...
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    Is There Any Hope To Regrow My Temples Without Transplet Nw3? 22 + Pics

    Listen fella minoxidil is fun and games with your state of loss. Without finasteride you are fighting a battle that's lost. Big 3 0r bald Choose 1
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    Is There Any Hope To Regrow My Temples Without Transplet Nw3? 22 + Pics

    your hair loss is advanced. Seems to me that you are in the situational lighting category, where sometimes you look advanced and others minimal. Diffuse is eating up your gains
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    Can You Get A Full Hair Transplant When You Still Have A 90% Full Head Of Hair?

    no. it wont replicate natural hair density. they are cosmetically not viable unless you loose enough density. anything inbetween and it will look off in comparison to your native hairs.... especially around the hairline, this is a tricky area. finasteride and min is all you need
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    Mature Or Balding? Should I Get On finasteride 1mg?

    hairline looks fine. Crown not so much.
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    Any Hope For My Hair? 34 Yr Old Male / Thinning Front Area

    you dont need a transplant. have to much density, take medication and evaluate your situation in a year. after all those thin hairs thicken up you will be close to baseline. In which a transplant wouldnt be feausible, as it wouldnt even replicate your native density.
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    Koray Erdogan 5k Grafts: Results & Experience

    DONT FALL consumer and victim to unethical doctors convincing you to have a transplant when you aren't responding or willing to take medication. especially if you are on the advance side of hair loss. you will play catch up, and inevitably never make it while sinking your bank account for...
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    Feels Fuckin Amazing To Show Fate And Genetics The Middle Finger

    I have been sporting the 0.5mm fade long before you became irrelevant, nancy. comb over undercuts are in :D
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    The Journey Begins, After 23 Years Of No Hair...

    skin or lace system? might need some of the membrane trimmed off at the hairline. can see it