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    New positive result study with Blue LED therapy!

    A review that discusses other wavelengths: While all the available evidence suggests that NIR light (800–900 nm) or LED as opposed to laser light would perform as well as red laser light, so far these wavelengths have not been much tested...
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    Applied Biology MinoxiBoost For Minoxidil NonResponders

    Funny, in the patent they do a good job of trying to hide what it could be by discussing various angles of attack that they could sulfonate. I did find one part about Nrf2 (sulforaphane induces it) that I have a sneaky suspicion about: In one embodiment, the invention concerns up-regulating...
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    iDelivery nanovehicle- insanely good vehicle for hair loss drugs

    I happen to have all of those in my lab (I am a chemist) :D I need to look into the chemicals however. Do you allow anyone new to join your Discord?
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    iDelivery nanovehicle- insanely good vehicle for hair loss drugs Patent information is online ^^^ According to an aspect of the invention, the preparation envisages that 50 mg of poloxamer are dissolved in 10 mL of double- distilled water, 90 mg of monoglyceride such as Monomuls and one mg of anionic...
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    Darolutamide (odm-201), A Better Topical Than Enzalutamide?

    He forgot the H in his post actually (2pharm) when there is an H in 2Hpharm like you wrote. You had also forgot the H at one point coincidentally.
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    Finasteride's Effect on Scalp DHT Levels

    I actually want to bump this thread because after researching intensely, I did not find such good information anywhere. The idea that Finasteride effects DHT conversion in different tissues DIFFERENTLY is a key point here. For the last 4 months, I have been doing 1.25 mg of Finasteride every...
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    Pilox released: The Cure?

    I think that if hair was to get thicker/darker, it would first start under the skin in the actual follicle first. Then that thicker hair would progressively grow out of the skin. n the case of your pictures, after 10 days, the tips of the hair even look darker which would not make any sense...
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    Trying To Figure Out Castor Oil, Need Help Figuring Out Vehicles

    I would leave it on over night at a low concentration of DMSO Phlojel works well and is less abrasive than DMSO on skin.
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    Hydrobrush- Liquid Dispensing Hair Brush

    Thank you for making this thread Jacob because I wouldn't have known about the product otherwise. After watching their videos, it does seem like a good invention, but as cyrusthegreat said, I wondered about dosage... I went ahead and emailed the company yesterday about what they think an...
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    Anyone use compounded minoxidil from Murray ave apothocary?

    Very good info here, thank you. I can see how 15% concentration PLUS the enhanced absorption from DMI etc. can increase possible side effects. At 5% do you also experience elevated heart rate (obviously not to the degree you did at 15%). Are you relatively side effect free at 5%?
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    Anyone use compounded minoxidil from Murray ave apothocary?

    When you say it messed up your hair and scalp, did you add in any retinol at the higher concentrations that might have caused the irritation? Or do you think it was solely the higher % of minoxidil?
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    Anyone use compounded minoxidil from Murray ave apothocary?

    Thanks for the reply, especially about the progesterone being important! At what % concentration Minoxidil did you start adding in the Progesterone?
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    Anyone use compounded minoxidil from Murray ave apothocary?

    For the posters who were not sure last year if Susan's formula was working or not , what do you guys think now that it has been over a year? Any new updates on the results? I would think the liquid version at 10% using a syringe would be better than the cream that gets all over the hair.
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    Castor Oil As A Hair Loss Treatment

    @MindfluX Have you looked into phlogel? I have heard it is easier to use than DMSO in certain scenarios. HUMCOcompounding has a version of phlogel that is half the price roughly