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    make your own hair piece (youtube)

    Hair Weaving has been discredited for years. Just like with extensions, it pulls your natural hair so tight that over time, it will fall out permanently. This is a condition called Traction Alopecia. If you want to keep the hair you've got, don't do this!
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    I made another template!

    There is a bit of recession built into most hair systems, so you want to attach it right where your natural hairline was. What you don't want to do is put the front edge too far forward (wolfman look) or too far back. If you put it behind your natural hairline, you'll end up with an...
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    hair system. Removing density

    If the hair is WAY too dense, you may have a problem thinning it out - it could end up looking stubbly. It's worth a try though, because extreme hair density doesn't look natural and is a dead giveaway that you're wearing a piece. The really important issue is your supplier. A competent...
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    Where is the best place to go for a hair piece?

    Person - that is a ridiculous and irresponsible statement! There are excellent sources out there that you haven't named. My own personal experiences with 2 of the 3 companies you mentioned have not been good at all.
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    Trying some other company ... are piece colors same?

    The colors will be 99% identical, but the hair quality and workmanship can be very different from company to company...
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    Hair Pieces and Marriage

    I've heard of guys who SWEAR their wives don't know they wear hair. Guess what? They ALL know - but many don't let on because they are being considerate of their hubby's feelings. I had a guy do some repairs here a couple of years ago. He told me that he had been married for 7 years and...
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    new hairpiece

    Blending shears are fine for shaping and thinning the hair, but it's true - if your system is way too dense and you try to thin it out substantially, it'll look like hell. If you need to thin out 10 - 15% or so, that's okay. If you really need to hack away at it, fuggedaboudit. You'll probably...
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    new hairpiece

    High hair density is usually a dead giveaway that you're wearing a piece. That's why the best systems are custom made to match your own natural hair density. A good hair stylist can use thinning shears (also called blending shears) to thin out the excess density. If the density is WAY too...
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    update! and questions

    Scorpio - Your bird's nest analogy is way off. 99% of the time, I am not aware that there is anything on my head. Baldness is not an option for many people for a variety of reasons. Some people just don't look good bald, some people have scarring, some people have religious or cultural...
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    How to get glue gunk out of piece? Tips on matted hair...

    Detangling products are not going to work for hair strands that are glued together. Your best bet is to spray an oil-based adhesive solvent on the hair and then gently try to comb the glue out of the hair. If the globs of glue won't come out on the first try, don't force the comb through the...
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    with or without

    You look great without hair, BUT, I think you would also look great with a better hair system - something a bit softer-looking, not so choppy & with lower density.
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    Did anyone try this?

    Virtual Reality is a seller of very expensive hair systems that are no better than the best systems offered on line. Ignore their claims that they "implant" one hair at a time and that it "becomes part of the client". It's nothing more than a ThinSkin hair system. But pay attention when they...
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    Where is the best place to go for a hair piece?

    That Optima site is a just like so many others - they claim to have consulted with experts and created a "breakthrough" product that no one else offers. They talk about implanting single hair stands at precise angles as though this is some exclusive, high-tech procedure. They are simply...
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    my before and after pictures

    Travis: I always encourage newcomers. It takes a lot of courage to do what you did. I think the results are a clear improvement and I'm sure you agree, but I have a couple of suggestions: If possible, you should attach the system lower - closer to your hairline. When it's attached too far...
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    One of the best pieces I've ever seen

    Two scenarios... I got my first hairpiece when I was 23. It was very expensive but in those days, they were pretty awful no matter how much you spent. I took a lot of kidding from my friends and finally gave up on it after a few months. I started wearing again about 8 years ago and boy...