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    Thread of women commenting negatively on baldness

    I could care less about a women's hair and would tell them I like bald women better too like their stupid comments but I care more then anything for my hair > Women need to understand that if they are so empowered now a days . I am so glad they will be on the front lines now
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    2 months in a test group of a new product.

    TL75 I want to thank you for posting and yes those are real hairs and look to be health from the start . Can you please tell us more on test and product as I am almost ready to call it quits
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    Hair Loss has taken over my life.

    You should be smacked for that comment medi
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    why do people tell us how we *should* feel?

    Kingdom I don't know why people say these things . I agree with you as it effects people in different ways and all are negative .I sure would like to see it happen to them and then ask them how they feel about it when they can't even look at themselves in a mirror . Women are the worst at these...
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    Where did you find your vitamins soft gels at ? if you don't mind
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    Thread of women commenting negatively on baldness

    I dont blame women for wanting a man with hair at all. I just try to be truthful with myself and know people just look so much better with hair either male or female . I know and feel this everyday as hair loss has stripped me of everything and aged me many years to the point of never ever even...
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    Questions? READ THIS FIRST!

    Raw your hair is looking great I wish I had that much. Happy for you
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    Bryan Shelton

    It does not matter what age a man is der29 men want and need their hair for inner peace and to help lead a happy healthy life in my opinion