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    Eye Cream To Remove Dark Circles / Bags

    Not only sleeping but also there are some factors that are cause darl circles: 1. Too much salty food 2. Smoking 3. Rubbing your eyes too much 4. Too much stress For eye cream, I suggest you Palmer's Skin Success Anti-dark Spot Fade Cream and I used it, and that works best for me...!!
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    Hair loss / Hair thinning leading to depression

    Those are foods that you can eat for preventing hair loss: 1. EGGS: It makes sense to consume protein-based foods because our hair is primarily made up of proteins, which will also improve the quality of the hair. 2. BEAN SPROUTS: Bean sprouts contain an important nutrient called silica that...
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    Hairloss problem in the age of 20??

    First Of all, Take a deep breath and close your eyes!! sighh.. how it feels? it feels relaxing right? when you get relax you can hear your own heartbeats too. The same thing goes with your hair fall, the more you worry the more you see your own hair fall!! Getting bald at an early age is nothing...
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    Eyelash Transplant - Experiences And Recommendations?

    Like all other women, I am a very beauty conscious lady who likes to stay on top of her exotic appearance. Although I look after my body with regular care, one aspect is always on top of my priority list - eyelashes & eyebrows. Recently I do an eyelash transplant and it looks very beautiful on...
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    Best Hair Toppers/closures For A Hair System

    I’ve tried several different hair toppers and hair extensions and I think the best hair topper includes the following things: 100% human hair so you can curl and flat iron it like natural hair It can be colored with a semi-permanent hair color High quality, therefore, they last longer The base...
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    Dandruff and hair loss

    Using my experiences let me share with you what I did when I had both the issue. I facing dandruff problem only in winter but hair loss is a constant problem for the last few years. For Dandruff: You can use any "medicated" dandruff shampoo once or twice a week for a few weeks till the...