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    Cost comparison (Hairtransplant vs other)

    Even if you'll get $12,000 now and get a hair transplant you'll still have to keep using Finasteride so you will not lose your not-transplanted hair (or just lose it slower)... If you will get a hair transplant in your temples and then your hair loss would keep going - you'll lose the hair...
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    Hair line shedding?

    So, I'm 3 weeks on Finasteride and I can swear that I lost hair on my temples (more on the left temple than on the right). Is it possible for the Finasteride shedding to happen mainly on the hairline? It should grow back and thicker than it was, right? When?
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    Need Advice About My Girlfriend's Hairloss

    If your girlfriend lost hair because of those medication she been taking and she stops the medication - she'll grow her hair back, Rogaine would just make it grow faster.. So now she can stop applying minoxidil and she'll be fine. But fighting male pattern baldness with minoxidil is not a good treatment.
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    Need Advice About My Girlfriend's Hairloss

    "I'm going to drink a cup of tea". Now he should show up.
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    finasteride stopped, spironolactone only

    I see, this is interesting. I also wanted to ask you, people who take finasteride which blocks testosterone from being converted to DHT - they will have more free testosterone in their body, right? And because it won't be converted to DHT it would be converted to estrogen? All the time? Or...
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    finasteride stopped, spironolactone only

    So how come some people who use topical spironolactone get gyno if it isn't absorbed systematically? I've heard that people who use topical spironolactone do get side effects.
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    finasteride stopped, spironolactone only

    Topical spironolactone is absorbed systematically, so if you had sides with finasteride you'll get them (and worse) with topical spironolactone. How long did it take you to get side effects with finasteride?
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    Fake FINCAR from UnitedPharmacies?

    I just cut the Fincar and took a piece of it and it doesn't have any taste at all. Also the tablets were send to me from Hong Kong. I suspect that it might be fake. Does finasteride have a taste? What about the other people here who take generic finasteride, where did your pharmacy sent it from?
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    Ok I have to admit even I'm considering Finasteride...

    abcdefg, I just got my 5mg Fincar from United Pharmacies, I'll cut it to 8 and take about 0.5mg per day and it's really cheap. You should consider generic finasteride, much cheaper than Propecia.. Let's just hope for a new topical anti-adrogen in the near future.
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    Finasteride v. Propecia...Generic v. Brand

    My Fincar from United Pharmacies was send from Hong Kong. Should I be worry that it might be a fake? How does finasteride tastes like? That would be a good way to tell.
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    Got my Fincar today

    I'm planning to take 1/8 of fincar everyday. I have the pill cutter and the pills in front of me but I'm still hesitating. What if I get gyno? What are the symptoms of gyno that I could stop quickly so it would cure itself? If I don't get gyno in the first year then I won't get gyno in the...
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    The 110% Guaranteed Cure for Hair Loss - Right Here!! (OMFG)

    Oh no! Please don't stay, we believe you, right s.a.f?
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    I think I've just cured it.

    You are wrong. If you cured your hair loss it means that you didn't male pattern baldness at the first place. I have to admit though, reading your posts are very entertaining to me.
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    The 110% Guaranteed Cure for Hair Loss - Right Here!! (OMFG)

    Hoppie, now that you are "cured", would you keep posting in this forum?