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    Taking the plunge. Advice appreciated - Oral minoxidil

    Drinking topical minoxidil sounds vomit inducing tbh
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    Thought on oral minoxidil? Experiences?

    heart skipping a beat is some scary sh*t tbh
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    Is Rogaine's foam composition more beneficial than Kirklands?

    I've read here that Rogaine's foam also includes vitamins and some kind of DHT blocker inside its formula unlike Kirkland version. Anybody has seen/read anything on this topic?
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    How is djokovic's hair so good? does he have the best hair genetic?

    the brutal thing is i look like djokovic, but i'm 8 years younger, already nw2.5 diffuse and have 30% grey hair however at the same time i could be born in africa and die from diarhea, so you always have to appreciate what you have
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    Success on Finasteride. Terrible results on Minoxidil 5% foam

    Man, that is some scary sh*t, cuz finasteride didn't work for me at all and my last chance to save hair was rogaine, and i was about to start foam applications, but i didnt even believe minoxidil can not work for some people, completely fucked up Are you sure it didnt work? Did you use right...
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    Having a girlfriend doesn't change anything, if you are ugly and/or balding

    I've been an incel for my entire life up to recent time, when I got a girlfriend and lost virginity. Because I've gotten used to being alone and because I grew to be hyper aware of the circumstances and life mechanics I understand that we are all animals and we operate based on instincts...
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    Rate My Norwood, Fellas. It's Over For Me.

    Life doesn't forgive and doesn't forget. Tried finasteride for a year, had absolutely zero improvements, still shed 30 hairs a day, got sides, hopped off of it, took nothing, kept balding, now I'm about to start rogaine foam. Brutal how life fucks your over.
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    Mario Gotze Another Famous Victim Of Early Hair Loss In 20s

    i truly believe his hair loss was one of the reasons his career went downhill. When you lose your confidence in life, you lose it in all areas. Baldness forces you to lose too much of your life energy in order to cope with it, when it could spent elsewhere improving your life
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    Dealing with accutane hairloss (help) (suicidal)

    are you also on minoxidil/finasteride? how old are you?
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    Zlatan Ibrahimovic stops covering his nw4a and comes out, shaves his head

    Judging by the angle and the point from which his hair grows out at the forelock, it seems like he's NW4 at least
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    Zlatan Ibrahimovic stops covering his nw4a and comes out, shaves his head

    He looks like like sh*t bald tbh, better than if he'd have egg shaped head, but much worse than with hair
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    Zlatan Ibrahimovic stops covering his nw4a and comes out, shaves his head

    His hairline recessed farther and his density was dropping evidently
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    Dealing with accutane hairloss (help) (suicidal)

    Hairloss side effect is the main factor why i havent hopped on accutane even though i have severe body acne. Its defo better to have hair that all people see, than have no hair and no acne. More to the point of your post - hair loss is known side effect for males. In a lot of males accutane kick...
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    Zlatan Ibrahimovic stops covering his nw4a and comes out, shaves his head

    Ibrahimovic has been wearing same hairstyle for years, seemingly same as Gareth Bale he had long hair at the forelock and temples that he pulled in the pony tail at the back to cover his bald spot at crown and midscalp. You could also see his hairline recessed significantly and density was...
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    Should I Give finasteride A Try Considering My Situation?

    get on minoxidil tbh finasteride brings its own risks and considering your circumstances might not be worth it