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    Is it too late for Propecia/Finasteride?

    No, it's actually the perfect time. Finasteride can grow back quite an amount of hair in just a year at your stage, Go for it.
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    EVERYONE Will Get Finasteride Side-Effects Eventually

    There are just too many guys who have been on Finasteride for well over 10-15 years and haven't had any major issue whatsoever. Does that mean Finas is harmless? It isn't. It's a medication, and like any other one, it requires precaution. But the majority of men who don't have any issue over...
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    Need help! Balding/thinning and dont know what to do!

    Without Finas you'll go bald. Thats it.
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    Is scalp tension a factor in androgenetic alopecia?

    As far as I've read, yes, it seems to play a part in all of this problem. Though I believe not as much as some poeple here seem to suggest.
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    What Steps Should I Take? 21.5 Yrs Old

    Go see a derm Then start Finasteride. Wait a year before doing anything else.
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    Why are people using oral Minoxidil?

    More or less because of this: It's effective, easy to take, and quite cheap. But it does come with sides. And some of them aren't good at all.
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    Any Experience With Very Low Dose Oral Minoxidil (less Than 5 Mg)

    If anyone is interested, here's an article of Sergio Vañó (one of Spain's leading dermathologists) on 2020 studies done on Oral Minoxidil (and other new treatments):
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    What's the best brand of hair fiber to use for men?

    I like Kmax. I use it quite a lot. Dermmatch and Toppik are great as well, though a little bit more expensive.
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    Does Stemoxydine Really Work? Question

    I haven't tried Minoxidil, I want to start with Stemoxydine because my hair loss isn't severe and I'm already on Finas. If Stemoxydine doesn't work I'll probably try it.
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    If I go to my doctor about ED, will I risk losing finasteride?

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    how effective is finisteride every other day?

    See it foryourself:
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    Why men of far eastern descent lose hair less frequently than caucasians?

    Same reasons why they all have black hair while blond, red or light brown is almost exclusive to Caucasians. Genetics.
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    Pregnancy While Using Avodart, Any Risks?

    Actually there are quite a few studies. The leaflet of Finasteride in Spain mentions it specifically. But the key to all of this is: the studies are almost all done on the women touching the pills with her own skin. It's almost never been studied on semen...
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    Pregnancy While Using Avodart, Any Risks?

    Ummm actually it may be, I think I might have mixed it up with Finas scalp half life. Then just a month would do it. EDIT: And yes, for the OP, Dutasteride and Finas have to be taken off if you are trying to get your wife pregnant. It's not common at all but it may cause some malformities to...
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    Pregnancy While Using Avodart, Any Risks?

    Get off Dutas 2-3 weeks before trying it. Wash the Dutas out of your body. Then resume it as soon as your wife is pregnant. It takes quite a few months of not using it until you notice some losses.