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    justin biebers career at stake due to post finasteride syndrome

    I already saw a few videos on tiktok of young people having half of the face paralized (same as Justin Bieber), a few days or weeks after getting covid vaccine. I am quite sure it is related.
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    I quit Minoxidil after just one use

    Well you say topical Minoxidil doesn’t go systemic, in my case it did. After 3 weeks I had terrible side effects, I had to stop (very tired, chest pain, woke up during night with heart beating very fast…). And then everything came back to normal…
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    Bald football player is now full of hairs

    Hello, I saw that a football player (Rob Holding) who had a massive baldness has now a head full of hairs. Is that really possible with FUE transplant ? I dont think the donor area is big enough to cover everywhere. Or do you think he did something else ? Thanks.
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    Rosemary Oil, As Effective As Minoxidil

    Yes but no real improvement so far...
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    Rosemary Oil, As Effective As Minoxidil

    What kind of topical zinc are you using ? I would be cautious with side effects of saw palmetto
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    Experimenting with essential oils + microneedling

    Im a bit afraid of using saw palmetto, some people got libido side effects and other things like that. My only regimen so far is microneedling and oils... i dont lose hairs anymore, but no regrow at all..
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    Experimenting with essential oils + microneedling

    I am using peppermint, lavender, cedarwoord and rosemary oils for about 8 months, 2 hours twice per week. No improvement yet...
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    What is Taking Follica So Long? Havent they been phase 3 ready for a while now?

    I cant tolerate minoxidil either. This product can be tolerated by some people but I believe this is still a poison for human body. Even cats can die if you apply minoxidil on them...
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    Inhibiting 15-pgdh: Taking The Prostglandin Protocol To The Next Level

    Minoxidil can be a dangerous product for some people. I had crazy side effects with only 3 weeks usage (dizziness, heartbeat very slow, extreme fear during sleeping, and a lot more). And a lot of people do so if you look on internet. You can kill a cat if you spray minoxidil on his hair, it is a...
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    Vertex Dhi Transplant Now Or Wait ?

    They quoted me 3000-3500 grafs. Yes I am actually using fibers concealer, it works great. I did not know I could lose my native hairs with a transplant ? I thought only transplanted hair would fall in the first months ? I used Minoxidil 3 weeks, but after 3 weeks i had a very slow heartbeat...
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    Vertex Dhi Transplant Now Or Wait ?

    I have an offer from Aesthetic Center almost half price. I think i will wait 6 months to make a good choice. If anyone knows a good clinic in Turkey for DHI...
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    Vertex Dhi Transplant Now Or Wait ?

    Dr Cinik for the moment, i had good discussions with them, but the price is a bit expensive compared to others i asked
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    Vertex Dhi Transplant Now Or Wait ?

    Hello, i am balding on the crown of my head. I contacted a clinic that advised me to use DHI method instead of FUE (to not damage existing hairs). And i could keep my hair without shaving them (only shaving the donor area). They would only transplant in bald spots. Would you advise me to do my...
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    Delayed Minoxidil Shed? Is It Possible?

    Sorry i was taking topical and not oral. I had dizziness, headaches, slow heartbeat, pain in the chest, always tired..
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    Minoxidil And Hypotension/dizziness

    I had those side effects also. I stopped after 3 weeks of using it