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    S. Korea Hair Cm3 / Ngf-574h Cosmetic Due Q1 2019

    I wish to thank everyone who tried it and reported back. I appreciate it. Unfortunately we can file this down under snake oil.
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    New Article On Hairclone With Cost Estimate

    Igf the can offer good results for 6k pounds then I would call that a game changer... It all depends on the results...
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    Samumed Sm04554 Results Normalized To Baseline

    If I am reading this correctly, they've stopped dosing after 90 days ( but the hair count kept increasing even after 135 days despite the fact that for the last 45 days there was no SM04554 being applied? Also if I am reading this graphs correctly, SM04554 allows you to keep what you have when...
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    Update From The God Himself - Dr. Takashi Tsuji

    It is the same as what was in different article They are starting clinical research in humans in 2019. However clinical trials will start in the future. The "future" is a very broad term. Is that a year from now? 3 years?
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    Follica Pivotal Study And Fda Filing In 2020

    The exact bullet point in the slide is: Identified and tested next-generation, proprietary compounds So this is not minoxidil. However Identified and tested might mean they were only tested in vitro or mice... And they have yet to be tested in humans...
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    S. Korea Hair Cm3 / Ngf-574h Cosmetic Due Q1 2019

    Agreed. There are sh*t ton of products that went that route like Reviv serums. And one of those 3 products will probably contain some natural herb or saw palmetto. Sceptical I am....
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    New Research From Dr. Angela Christiano's Team

    More details here: It seems that they figured out to grow human hair in microenviroments. Basically long, thin plastic molds. Now the bad news. They still need optimizing. And then afterwards, well you guessed it...
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    Lactoferrin As A Promoter Of Hair Growth

    I would definitely like to know that. Especially the release date for the product.
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    Lactoferrin As A Promoter Of Hair Growth

    You are absolutely right. I worded this rather aggressively, trying to force my opinion as diagnosis of @MrsS. @MrsS I apologize. You of all people should of course know what kind of hair loss problems you are experiencing. I was actually trying to gauge if this would have the desired effect...
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    Lactoferrin As A Promoter Of Hair Growth

    Nice recovery. Although I have to say are you sure you had Androgenetic Alopecia? Womens pattern usually starts from the middle of the head. Btw am I being too lazy if I ask you for updated ratio for lactoferring mixture? :D
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    S. Korea Hair Cm3 / Ngf-574h Cosmetic Due Q1 2019

    Not true. CEO of Celino said that it will cost as much as Minoxidil in the comments when users of Follicle Thought asked him. So who is being dishonest now? I don't know Joseph so can't comment on him.
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    S. Korea Hair Cm3 / Ngf-574h Cosmetic Due Q1 2019

    I consider this a long shot but here's hoping it does adequately well!!!
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    Replicel Is On Fire Lately — Data In Feb.

    I would just like to say a few things. I've got a diffuse hair loss. IF Shiseido releases its treatment with low regrowth rates but it stops hair loss to upwards of 2 years with acceptable prices. It would still be a win for me. Suddenly hair transplant is definitely an option. Of course I am...
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    Morroniside Regulates Hair Growth And Cycle Transition Via Activation Of The Wnt/β-catenin Signaling

    This is in vitro and in mice. So it is still a big question mark in question of effectivity.
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    Lactoferrin As A Promoter Of Hair Growth

    Thx for this. And when you are applying it? Your using a small dropper or pippete? How much mL per one appliance?