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    Is Getting A Hair Cut Hell For Anyone Else?? Ugh

    I haven't gone to a hairdresser in 15 years
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    Wow.. Mr The Mighty Have Fallen

    Looks like a psychotic episode. Could be recreational drugs, sounds like he's tripping balls. Either way he's a danger to himself. Last I read he was wandering around a beach. Hopefully he gets detained and gets psychiatric help before he does something stupid.
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    Could Milk Cause Hair Thinning? 7th Word

    I have a dairy intolerance which made my hair thin all over and gave me red spots on my scalp. Improved dramatically when I decreased my milk consumption
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    Is My Crown Thinning Or Just A Cowlick?

    Im not sure what im supposed to be looking at? You have great hair
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    Merciless Diffuse (+genetic) Alopecia, 24 Y.o.

    Looks like you are having a good response to minoxidil. You are mad for not trying finasteride, you can see cosmetic improvement with finasteride particularly with diffuse thinning. with your pattern you are destined to go full norwood 5 very soon unless you add finasteride
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    Exact Age That Prince William Started Going Bald

    You can see it starting around 19 when you compare his hair to harry's. I wonder how he's found going bald at such a young age in the spotlight. You hardly see any AAA listers go bald as they cover it with lotions, potions and wigs
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    What Do You Think About Baldcafe Youtube Channel?

    Treatment is fine if you catch it early. If you watch his videos he respects people who make any decision about hairloss. Heavily diffused balders like your norwood 5s generally are going to get poor results and be continuously chasing for hair that they arent going to get. Its a perpetual cycle...
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    What Do You Think About Baldcafe Youtube Channel?

    He's okay, i watch some of his videos. I think he's just making the best of a shitty situation and promoting positivity for a condition that he has little control over (lets be honest, the current options for most of us are still dogshit). Also, there's a market for what he's doing. Balding in...
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    6 Months Results : Crown And Diffuse Thinning Huge Improvement

    Great progress. Good for you
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    How To Calculate Your Chances To Balding?

    If you have immediate relatives with balding the chances are you could be hit. I would anticipate losing hair given your family history and take photos to closely monitor your hairline and any diffusion and then if you dont bald its a bonus. Unfortunately its not as easy doing some punnet...
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    Finasteride For 18 Months. What Norwood Am I Now?

    your hair is much better than some of your posts imply. Looks good
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    Am I Receding At 14 Extra 7 Words Fnnsj

    Mods. Please lock this thread.
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    Hair Transplant At Young Age Need Advice

    You have diffuse thinning at a young age which will likely progress. A transplant would be a terrible idea. Consider getting on finasteride and minoxidil and you could potentially reverse some crown loss and hold onto your hair for >10 years