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    is this a widows peak or im receding? ( 15M )

    You mentioned your mum's dad what about your dad how's his hair. I went to school with a lad who had the exact same hairline you have. Seen him 4 or 5 years ago and he had the exact same hair in his late 30s. My conclusion is he didn't have male pattern baldness. You may be the same with luck. Also mums dad...
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    This is How I Managed to Beat Hair Loss

    Quite inspiring story rob51852, funny at a young age you were balder than your peers now you probably have more hair than most of them.
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    Topical alternative to oral finasteride when I'm trying for a baby.

    Don't stop finasteride, if the baby's deformed you have the option to terminate during the pregnancy.
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    Parents won't let me use Minoxidil even though I'm 18.

    How about killing your parents, better now than in 10 years when you've gone bald and wasn't even allowed to fight it. But on a serious note just tell them you're taking minoxidil and they can go f*** themselves if they don't like it and also tell them that you've got this sh*t from 1 or both...
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    1 year results morr-f, minoxidil, microneedling and laser comb

    Definite improvement, which in this game is rare, how as your front responded.
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    Parents won't let me use Minoxidil even though I'm 18.

    Lol I would happily see another holocaust on the European continent to move up a norwood
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    Does anyone know if the balding gene comes from the mother’s side or the father’s side for females?

    As a female it is 50/50 because you are XX as opposed to being male XY. you could take after either parent or a combination of both
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    Am I receding or is it a mature hairline?

    Don't look receding t me at all
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    Is it possible for a hair transplant?

    It's possible you could be like your dad and stay that way for 20 years.
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    Does male pattern baldness depend on the country ? How ?

    Yeah turkey has a high rate of male pattern baldness from what I saw when on vacation much higher than Italy, Spain, Portugal. My Premier league of baldness 1.greece 2.turkey 3.england 4.ireland 5france 6 Germany 7.italy 8.usa 9.spain 10.netherands 11.serbia
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    Low-cost regime to reverse Androgenetic Alopecia (Male Androgenetic Alopecia)

    Oral finesteride and oral minoxidil are extremely efficient Lol.