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    Update From The God Himself - Dr. Takashi Tsuji

    If they are going to start there human trials in April, or March, should we assume they have over come their last hurdles with the actual culturing of cells (or whatever scientifically they do) and that's why they are prepared to move forward with human trials ?
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    Tsuji Update From A Few Days Ago June 4

    A friend sent me this article from another site, i think it indicates tsuji is going in the right direction. " They announced June 4 the development of a way to mass produce hair created by cultivating scalp cells into hair follicles. The...
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    Italian Hair Loss Lotion To Hit The Market In 2016

    Wasn't gonna say anything on this thread but been watching for a long time like most of us.. Since we now know it's sh*t, I'm gonna take advantage of the traffic and ask If anyone knows a legit permanent hair removal cuz there's worse than having a shaved head and hair on back and neck. Thanks...
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    Dr. Tsuji Kyocera, Riken Research, Organ Technologies Form Regenerative Hair Research Team

    Sorry to get off topic, awesome thread but was that a dragon ball z reference? If so well played
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    Clown Hair

    That's what I was afraid of haha, thanks for the tip
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    Clown Hair

    hey guys - long story short I've been buzzing my hair very short recently because of thinning and receding on top and crown. Also, i started using minoxidil with it short to see if i could notice a difference , no pics with good quality though. It still grows on top, but is noticeably slower than on...
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    Physician creates a no-scar procedure to ease hair-transplant surgery

    lmao.. I almost laughed myself off the couch. First I was happy to see you posted, than bold typing was clearly artista style. Well done
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    Meiji Seika Pharma teams up with Dr. Tsuji of the Riken Center

    Great find. It's great to see they have the sole purpose of curing male pattern baldness and have the funding behind them. I recall hellouser posting an interview with one scientist who said she had to work full time on top of her research, so a team dedicated solely to male pattern baldness sounds lovely. Cheers to phase 2 if...
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    Who Would Help Fund A Kerastem Therapy?

    Lol good point I'll fix that
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    Who Would Help Fund A Kerastem Therapy?

    I love that pro-Bono or discount idea. Like many others here, if we saw it worked I would gladly pay for this treatment.
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    No news over the past few months

    Lol wow man you been here since 2005, I've only been getting ****ed by male pattern baldness the past 3-4 years, and I've already heard so many garbage treatments that will cure us that turn out to be flops. After 10 years I'm pretty sure I'll just go into hiding. - - - Updated - - - I swear I didn't see your...
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    Italian Hair Loss Lotion To Hit The Market In 2016

    Kinda reminds me of the rave when follicept took the forums by storm.. not sure about this forum I wasn't a member here at the time. Hopefully it's a miracle, but I'd have to agree with everything you said
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    38-year-old, non-balding, non-troll, but sick and tired of the prejudice...

    I think it's hilarious how extrovert assholes was brought up - amd it is assumed they get all the attention. How do I know? I was the guy who was going out of his way to be center of attention, plus I was good looking with a very athletic build so life was too easy .. Girls would come up to me...