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    My Finasterid Story

    I noticed my hair becoming worse after Finasteride, but I didn't actually see hair falling from my head.The top of my hair just became thinner within a few short months of starting it. The thing about these hair loss medications is people will tell you "Try it for a year (or whatever) and if you...
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    John C. McGinley's Hair Loss

    Some guys are like that, look at Sting too. I started to notice my hair line receding when I was 17, (and some friends made fun of it) now at the age of 38, I have more hair than most of them.
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    Forgot if I took my propecia today or not...

    You'll be fine missing a day. I used to stick a piece of paper next to my finasteride and every time I took it I'd write the day.
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    bald truth talk

    I'd create a new account, sometimes the system is screwy. Did you receive an activation email?
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    Can someone tell me th

    Agree with everyone else (Derm).
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    ULTIMATE Hair Regrowth Protocol Taeian

    Read post numbers #12 & 13
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    Will public attitudes towards baldness change relatively soon?

    It's the same with an overweight person; people are taught to accept obesity, but that doesn't mean that obesity will ever become an attractive trait.
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    Finasteride shed cycles: Thinning before thickening. How many cycles?

    Everyone's experience with hair loss treatments will be different. I've read posts from guys who think Propecia saved their hair, then you have guys like me who saw their hair thin out within a few short months of starting. Everyone responds differently.
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    Is there any difference between Propecia, Proscar or Finpecia?

    Yes, they're the same. Propecia is a brand name and the others are a generic of finasteride. And yes, you should cut the 5mg into quarters.
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    Whar about Astragalus

    This looks interesting. Subbed.
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    Is Finasteride (Propecia) Thinning My Hair?

    Thanks for the link. I'll take a look. One of the guys on the thread "williamnewyork" cut his dose and then realized that he got worse from it and went back to the regular dose. I remember following his story a few months back.
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    Propecia and beards

    Well I'm thirty-eight, so yeah.
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    Thread of women commenting negatively on baldness

    Unfortunately some women and even men who haven't experienced hair loss think that treating it is as easy as using Propecia or Rogaine. They see the advertisements and think that every person who uses them will get their hair back. A friend of mine (girl) commented to me about her boyfriend's...
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    Propecia and beards

    I've been on Propecia for almost two years now and haven't noticed any changes in regards to facial hair at all.
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    Same hair loss story different guy with a bit of insight

    That's the wonderful thing about hair loss. One day you can be Brad Pitt and then a year later George Constanza.