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    just playing a bit

    I am still not wearing, but some people that were reluctant to wearing here are now wearers and forum users on northwestlace forum...go check that forum for motivation!
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    Why Isnt this section more Popular?

    the hairpieces can look fantastically good...I am talking with 2 young guys that are wearing and I can not believe how good it just makes a holywood star suddenly if you have a good face...seriously it looks great, I would post the pic of this guy but I can not do's all about...
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    anyone else here forever alone?

    man why dont you get a wig like enrique has? or make a scalp pigmentation? make something for yourself, no matter what, but just to make you look better! don't listen to others! just make your own way...take a looks at this thread...somewhere there are pictures on photobucker at the end of the...
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    haha....they are making advertising using pics from this site!

    that't right ! check out this youtube video!
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    what do you think about this guy preteding that had stem cell transplant it's all about that dutch doctor Gho and his technique ...most of you knows about this fairy tale...anyway do you think it is for real or it's just a scam somehow? I've heard that even the moderator from baldtruthtaIk has made an...
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    My story: 8 months on the Big Three

    man you seem to have lot of hair there...keep your hair at the desired are going to miss the styles that you can still able to do nowdays...once the real thinning and balding process will hit you then it's the time for shaving head...btw you have a great head of hair, I wish like...
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    Topical Cetrizine for Hair Loss instead of Finasteride (Propecia)

    I am a bit confused ...why don't you use zyrtec solution instead of pills?
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    just playing a bit

    well, I need to shave at least the first third of the hair now as the hairloos looks aggresive on me...I can not do the trick with the temple pieces anymore...yes the glue can work better as tape, but I would personally stick with tape and choose a style that cover the hairline...because of the...
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    first go with lace

    take a look at this young guy!
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    first go with lace

    I don't agree...I have faced a high hairline and and receding for such a long time....wearing some partials made my days...I felt so good for a while untill the all front has becoming to fall...
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    My Hair Transplants Story - Going From Nw6 To Nw2 (i Guess)

    it looks are very lucky to have that thick beard:) you should be reallly happy man!
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    Newly Discovered Factor in Androgenetic Alopecia. The Cure is Near?

    Hi guys! I must be honest...It is way to hard to follow this topic...anyway, could someone tell me in a few words if this treatment dicussed here is working or not? I mean not just grow vellus hair...thanks!
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    inspirational movie...i think

    you's just a personal option to have a straight hairline or not...I will try to find another amateur made in sunlight as i've seen one's somewhere on the forum of that company...anyway this is how it looks in strong light...
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    inspirational movie...i think I know...I know...this is a forum that tends to reject any other way of fixing hair loss other than meds or hair transplatation procedures, but what do you think guys of this?I appreciate that it is an amateur movie so nothing...
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    22, Considering a Hair Transplant, REALLY NEED ADVICE/HELP!

    22 and balding like that...well I won;'t do it in your place really.